Nominating Committee


Antonia R. Sepulveda, MD, PhD (Chair)
George Washington University Department of Pathology 

The AMP Nominating Committee is composed of the Past President (Chair) and two representatives from each subdivision. The chair and subdivision representatives are primarily responsible for recruiting qualified AMP members to run for elected offices. A ballot is compiled and made available for voting by all current Regular AMP members. Voting for elected offices usually takes place during the month of May each year.

Please consider nominating a colleague for elected office. In addition, self-nominations are encouraged. Click here to read descriptions for all elected positions. Interested? Please contact a Nominating Committee member.


Committee Members - 2022

If you are interested in serving on the Nominating Committee, please see the various roles available and the responsibilities of each role by clicking here.

Antonia R. Sepulveda, MD, PhD
George Washington University Department of Pathology

Genetics Subdivision Representative (2021-2022)
Jennelle C. Hodge, PhD
Indiana University

Genetics Subdivision Representative (2022-2023)
Birgit Funke, PhD
Harvard Medical School

Hematopathology Subdivision Representative (2021-2022)
Marian H. Harris, MD, PhD
Boston Children's Hospital

Hematopathology Subdivision Representative (2022-2023)
Noah A. Brown, MD
University of Michigan

Infectious Diseases Subdivision Representative (2021-2022)
Ted E. Schutzbank, PhD
Agena Bioscience 

Infectious Diseases Subdivision Representative (2022-2023)
Sanchita Das, MD
National Institutes of Health, Clinical Center

Informatics Subdivision Representative (2021-2022)
Julie Woolworth Hirschhorn, PhD, HCLD
Medical University of South Carolina 

Informatics Subdivision Representative (2022-2023)
Jason Young Park, MD, PhD
UT Southwestern Medical Center

Solid Tumors Subdivision Representative (2021-2022)
Allison Cushman-Vokoun, MD, PhD
University Nebraska Medical Center, Nebraska Medicine

Solid Tumors Subdivision Representative (2022-2023)
Eric Vail, MD
Cedars Sinai Medical Center

Ex Officio Committee Members

Daniel E. Sabath, MD, PhD
University of Washington Medical Center

Executive Director
Mary Steele Williams, MNA, MT(ASCP)SM

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