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AMP is pleased to partner with world-renowned educational providers to expand our catalog of high-quality, diverse educational resources for healthcare professionals.  Links below may take you to outside educational providers where you can learn about each program.

Educational Opportunities from AMP Partners


Pre-analytical Phase Challenges and Biomarker Testing

Produced in Partnership with COR2ED

  • Podcast 1: Prostate Cancer (Released 11/2023)

    In part 1 of this podcast series GU cancer genomics expert Dr. Alexander Wyatt and medical oncologist Dr. Petros Grivas focus on prostate cancer. Listen to the conversation to update your knowledge and understanding of why identifying genetic alterations is so important, and learn more about common pre-analytical challenges and biomarker testing approaches. 

EGFR Exon 20 Insertion Mutations in NSCLC: Underscoring the Value of Detection and Subsequent Care

Produced in Partnership with Medscape
Release Date: 8/2023

Stay current with this critical discussion on epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) exon 20 testing and treatment in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).

Employing Tools in Clinical Practice to Accelerate Prompt, Accurate Diagnosis and Risk Assessment in MDS

Produced in Partnership with PRIME Education
Release Date: 5/2023

Myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) are both misdiagnosed and underdiagnosed, with evolving diagnostic criteria and risk classification schemas emphasizing the importance of a patient's cytogenetic and molecular profile complicating clinical workflows.
Download the 5 clinical tools and watch the MDS-expert instructional video for guidance on the seamless integration of these practical resources into clinical practice to improve MDS diagnosis and management. With access to an MDS evaluation checklist, cytogenetic and molecular considerations, and risk assessment guides, transform your practice to allow for evidence-based, personalized treatment decision-making.

Navigating Molecular Testing and Targeted Therapy in Patients With Advanced and Metastatic NSCLC

Produced in Partnership with PRIME Education
Release Date: 11/2022

With new developments in targeted therapies, molecular diagnostics has emerged as a central component in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) care. Choosing from an array of available tests, interpreting testing reports, and keeping current with the latest clinical data can be challenging in a busy practice. Keep your practice up-to-date with this expert discussion on the latest strategies to leverage evidence-based molecular diagnostics and targeted therapies to improve outcomes for your patients with NSCLC.

Ovarian Cancer Virtual Education Series

Produced in Partnership with AstraZeneca, MSD, and The European Society of Pathology (ESP)
Release Date: 10/2022

In collaboration with expert clinicians, The European Society of Pathology (ESP), the Association for Molecular Pathology (AMP), AstraZeneca, & MSD have developed educational modules on diagnostic testing in ovarian cancer patients. This Virtual Education Series consists of key modules designed to provide training on the theoretical, technical, and practical aspects of diagnostic testing in ovarian cancer, as well as supporting videos and a self-assessment to ensure the principles and need for diagnostic testing are understood. 

This six-part series consists of key modules designed to provide training on the theoretical, technical, and practical aspects of diagnostic testing in ovarian cancer. 

Testing Before Treating: Molecular Determinants of Optimal Therapy for NSCLC
Produced in Partnership with Clinical Care Options (CCO)
Release Date:  7/2022

Learn how experts test for biomarkers in patients with NSCLC with multidisciplinary perspectives from a medical oncologist and a pathologist toward the optimal care of patients with NSCLC including a downloadable slideset from the live webinar a focused text-based module and expert-authored commentaries on optimal biomarker testing to guide treatment for patients with NSCLC.

KRAS Mutated NSCLC Resource Center: Updates on Diagnosis, New Therapies, and Management
Produced in Partnership with PRIME Education
Release Date: 9/2021

New and emerging therapies have shown efficacy against the long elusive target of KRAS in NSCLC, creating a substantial new cohort of patients with targetable mutations. This PRIME resource center features interactive quizzes, expert-led discussions, and on-demand content designed to keep clinicians up-to-date on diagnostic strategies, emerging clinical efficacy and safety data, and overall management in an important new area of care for patients with lung cancer.

Applying Evidence-Based Treatment Strategies in NSCLC with KRAS Mutations
Produced in Partnership with PRIME Education
Release Date: 12/2021

KRAS G12C-positive non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) is a sizable patient group with new and emerging targeted therapy options. Take part in this timely, interactive webinar from NSCLC experts to better understand how these therapies work and the clinical data guiding optimal use, as well as how to integrate the care of these patients into current evidence-based management of patients with NSCLC.


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