Reflecting on 10th Anniversary of AMP v. Myriad

On June 13, 2023, AMP and advocates for Precision Medicine celebrated the tenth anniversary of a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that forever changed how we are able to accurately diagnose and inform treatments for patient conditions. By striking down gene patents, the Court opened pathways for innovations that have wide-ranging impacts on fields such as cancer care, infectious disease monitoring, genetic counseling, and more.


AMP's Journey to the Supreme Court

In 2017, the 2009 AMP President Jan Nowak, MD, PhD, shared an oral telling of how our society ended up as the lead plaintiff on such a historic case. In honor of the 10th anniversary, we have issued an updated video to share more recent impacts of the case.

View the facts of the case and Supreme Court ruling HERE.

Ongoing Education and Advocacy Against Gene Patent Proposals

From the Archives

Advances in many technologies were made possible by the Court’s Ruling. Patients benefit from these every day!

•   CRISPR-based diagnostics

•  DNA/ RNA sequencing

•  FISH testing and oligo-FISH

•  Microarray technology

•   Multiplex/ Multiplex PCR Testing

•  Next Generation Sequencing

•  Nucleic acid probe–based fluorescent imaging

•  Optical genome mapping

•  PCR testing

•  PCR testing and digital PCR

•  Pyrosequencing

•   SNP genotyping

•  Whole genome sequencing

•   Whole exome sequencing

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