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As the field of molecular pathology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, so do the related challenges and opportunities. The number and scope of AMP projects are growing rapidly as well. AMP members have the opportunity to help shape the field and to support AMP's strategic plan by serving on a committee, working group, or task force. Learn about what the various committees and volunteer groups at AMP do and take action to get involved.


About AMP Volunteer Positions

There are three types of volunteer positions at AMP:

  1. Elected officers and committee members
    Elected officers include most members of the Board of Directors and Committee Chairs. In addition, the Clinical Practice, Nominating, Program, and Training & Education Committees have elected representatives from each subdivision. Subdivision Chairs and Representatives comprise the subdivision leadership groups.
    To run for an elected position at AMP, contact the Nominating Committee.
  2. Appointed committee members
    The Economic Affairs, International Affairs, Membership Affairs, Professional Relations, and Publications Committees consist mainly of appointed committee members. These individuals are AMP members who have volunteered to serve and, upon request by the Committee Chair and approval by the Board, have been appointed to their positions. Appointments are for a two year renewable term, up to a maximum of six years.
    To inquire about serving as an appointed committee member, keep an eye out for the occasional CHAMP message or reach out to any of the Committee Chairs directly by email. Committee Chair emails are available in the Membership Directory on CHAMP.
  3. Short term working group or task force members
    The number of projects and initiatives requiring short-term commitments by AMP members is growing. The Clinical Practice, Economic Affairs, Professional Relations, and Training & Education Committees in particular are in occasional need of volunteers on an ad hoc basis.
    To inquire about serving as a working group or task force member, keep an eye out for the occasional CHAMP message or reach out to the Chair of the Committee directly by email.

Following is a checklist developed by the Membership Affairs Committee to help you increase your involvement in AMP, provide leadership for your profession, and advance your career.

Know what AMP volunteers do.

Check out the list of AMP Committees and their related roles and responsibilities within AMP.

Develop a network.

A strong circle of colleagues, including your peers, is critical to developing your career path. Getting involved with AMP is a fast track to developing your professional network.

Reach out to Committee Chairs.

Email addresses for all Committee Chairs are in the Membership Directory on CHAMP. Feel free to contact any member of AMP leadership directly with your questions, ideas, concerns, or to communicate your interest in getting involved in the work of their committee.

Initiate and participate in CHAMP discussions.

A great way to get involved in AMP is to utilize CHAMP - the member's-only listserv to which all members are automatically subscribed. Even if it's just a few times a year, your CHAMP postings can help to expand your network in AMP and get you and your expertise noticed.

Talk with people during the Annual Meeting & Expo.

Make a list of key individuals with whom you want to connect and look up their contact information in the online member directory. Then set a date during the Annual Meeting & Expo to connect for coffee, to browse the posters, or attend a session together. There's no better opportunity to connect with your colleagues face-to-face than at the AMP Annual Meeting & Expo.

Volunteer to serve!

You can do this by reaching out to a committee chair or by responding to one of the occasional calls for volunteers that are posted to CHAMP or on the Volunteer/Nominations Portal. Some opportunities are designed for specific member types like trainees or specific subdivision experts.

Don't let "No" stop you.

With more than 2,900 members and just 200 opportunities to serve, not everyone who volunteers can be utilized at any given time. AMP is expanding its time-limited projects, so stay in contact with the appropriate committee chair. Eventually, a project to which you can contribute your expertise and enthusiasm will arise. As with everything else in your career, early inquiries and frequent contacts yield the most success.

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