Serve on a Committee

The field of molecular pathology continues to grow at a rapid pace, along with related challenges and opportunities. The number and scope of AMP projects are growing as well! There has never been a better time to be involved in AMP, both as an elected officer and as an appointed volunteer with a committee or subdivision.

There are several types of volunteer positions at AMP. One is sure to be just right for you!

  1. Elected officer
  2. Appointed committee member
  3. Member of a short term working group or task force

Interested? Click here to read descriptions for all ongoing volunteer positions.

Please consider running for elected office - contact the Nominating Committee.

Stay tuned to CHAMP and the Volunteer page for short term volunteer opportunities.

All AMP Volunteers must complete and submit Conflict of Interest disclosures on an annual basis, as well as read and understand the AMP Statement of Fiduciary Responsibility (2017). Complete and submit the online conflict of interest disclosure form. If you are unable to open the Google form on your network, please email directly so that we can send you an email and PDF copy to complete and return.

Elected and appointed, two great ways to work together we grow AMP's position of leadership for the molecular pathology profession!

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