President's Welcome

Dear Colleagues, Patients, and Friends,

The continuing SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has demonstrated the critical importance of molecular testing to a global audience. Even as vaccination rates rise and many of us gradually return to offices, schools and social functions, testing remains one of the greatest tools available for combating the spread of COVID-19 infections.

AMP members in more than 50 countries have risen to the challenge of adding COVID-19 testing to their laboratories, and they continue to conduct routine testing for a broad range of inherited conditions, infectious diseases and cancers. The added responsibility, combined with ongoing supply chain and staffing shortages, have made the past two years incredibly challenging for our community. As President, I endeavor to serve AMP members with dedication as they serve patients, and to work with other stakeholders to identify, advocate for, and implement solutions to our most pressing professional needs.

AMP members advance patient care every day by developing and performing high quality molecular testing. Our work is performed in laboratory facilities that are often in the same community where the doctor offices or hospital rooms where patients receive care. We serve as an essential partner in precision medicine efforts that are improving outcomes for patients.

AMP is recognized for its unmatched expertise in all aspects of molecular diagnostics. For over 25 years, we’ve advanced the field through educationclinical practice, and advocacy. For laboratory professionals who are new to our community or hoping to return to the field, I encourage you to take advantage of our broad range of educational offerings, including annual meeting content, webinars and in-depth courses. You may also benefit from reading our freely available practice guidelines in The Journal of Molecular Diagnostics (JMD), the highest rated journal in its field. To help patients understand the role molecular professionals have, AMP recently launched “Molecular Medicine for Patients,” comprised of educational resources that are created with input from the patient community.

Our community’s expertise and capabilities are needed now more than ever. We also need one another now more than ever to capture the many innovations, to address the many healthcare challenges, and to monitor changes in regulatory and reimbursement policies. If you’re a molecular professional but not yet a member, I encourage you to join us and experience all that AMP has to offer!


Daniel E. Sabath, MD, PhD
University of Washington Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology
Association for Molecular Pathology 2022 President


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