Position Statements & Letters

The AMP advocacy program endeavors to inform and influence public policy affecting molecular pathology. AMP represents its membership to the federal agencies and members of Congress regarding professional and reimbursement issues - reaching out to fellow professional associations, industry and other association partners to accomplish common goals. Position statements, comments, and letters are usually generated by our Professional Relations and Economic Affairs Committees, though our Clinical Practice and Training & Education Committees do advocate in their areas.

We invite you to explore AMP's Position Statements and Communications. For more information, please contact Mary Williams.

Date Title Keywords Committee
July 10 Society Sign-on Letter Requesting Renewal of Public Health Emergency (PHE) COVID-19, pandemic, PHE Professional Relations
July 8 Sign-on Letter from Laboratory Community Regarding COVID-19 Testing Supply Chain Issues COVID-19, pandemic, diagnostic testing Professional Relations
June 26 AMP Comments in Response to Chairman Alexander's Whitepaper "Preparing for the Next Pandemic" COVID-19, pandemic, diagnostic testing Professional Relations
June 22 AMP Pricing Recommendations for the Diagnostic Testing Codes at the Annual CMS Clinical Laboratory Fee Schedule Meeting pricing, CLFS, diagnostic testing Economic Affairs
June 12 Joint Comments on MolDX: Phenotypic Biomarker Detection in Circulating Tumor Cells DL38584 LCD, MolDX, Circulating Tumor Cells Economic Affairs
June 12 Joint Comments on MolDX: Prognostic and Predictive Molecular Classifiers for Bladder Cancer DL38586 LCD, MolDX, Bladder Cancer Economic Affairs
June 12 Joint Comments on MolDX: Liquid Biopsies for Solid Organ Transplantation DL38582 LCD, MolDX, Liquid Biopsy Economic Affairs
May 29 AMP Recommendations on Public Health Emergency Sections of the Cures 2.0 Concept Paper Cures 2.0, Coverage, COVID-19, PHE Professional Relations
May 4 AMP Response to the FDA Citizen Petition on Behalf of the Coalition to Preserve Access to Pharmacogenomics (PGx) FDA, PGx, Citizen Petition Professional Relations
April 29 AMP-CAP Sign-on Letter Requesting Immediate National Coverage for Multiplex PCR Respiratory Viral Panel (RVP) Tests COVID-19, CMS, PCR RVP, sign-on Economics Affairs
April 22 AMP Sign-on Letter Requesting Hazard Pay for Laboratory Professionals during COVID-19 Pandemic COVID-19, Hazard Pay, sign-on Professional Relations
April 20 Multi-Society Sign-on Letter to Support Congressional Resolution to Denounce Anti-Asian Discrimination as Related to COVID-19 COVID-19, sign-on Professional Relations
February 26 AMP Response to Creation of Personalized Medicine Caucus Personalized Medicine Caucus Professional Relations

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