Program Committee


Neal Lindeman Neal Lindeman, MD (Chair)
Bringham & Women's Hospital

The Program Committee is responsible for overall planning and organization of the AMP Annual Meeting & Expo, including sessions and abstracts/posters. The Program Committee consists of the Chair, Chair-Elect, two representatives of each Subdivision, and the Technical Topics representatives.

The Program Committee meets through regular conference calls and emails that serve as a forum for updates, discussion and planning.


Committee Members  2018-2019

If you are interested in serving on the Program Committee, please see the various roles available and the responsibilities of each role by clicking here.

Neal Lindeman, MD
Bringham & Women's Hospital

Jane Gibson, PhD, FACMG
University of Central Florida College of Medicine

Genetics Program Committee Representative (2018-2019)
Elaine B. Spector, PhD
University of Colorado School of Medicine

Genetics Program Committee Representative (2019-2020)
R. Tanner Hagelstrom, PhD, MBA
Illumina Clinical Services Laboratory, Illumina

Hematopathology Subdivision Representative (2018-2019)
Y. Lynn Wang, MD, PhD

Hematopathology Program Committee Representative (2019-2020)
Mark D. Ewalt, MD
Univeristy of Colorado - CMOCO

Infectious Diseases Program Committee Representative (2018-2019)
Jennifer Dien Bard, PhD
Children's Hospital Los Angeles

Infectious Diseases Subdivision Representative (2019-2020)
Esther Babady, PhD
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Informatics Program Committee Representative (2018-2019)
Matthew Lebo, PhD
Bringham & Women's Hospital

Informatics Program Committee Representative (2019-2020)
Angshumoy Roy, MD PhD
Boylor College of Medicine

Solid Tumors Program Committee Representative (2018-2019)
Christina Lockwood, PhD
University of Washington

Solid Tumors Program Committee Representative (2019-2020)
Rajyasree Emmadi, MD
University of Illinois, Chicago

Technical Topics Representative (2018-2019)
Fernanda Sabato, MS
Virginia Commonwealth Univ/MCV Clinical Support Center

Technical Topics Representative (2019-2020)
C. Renee Webb, BS MT (ASCP)
Texas Children's Hospital

Ex Officio Committee Members

Victoria M Pratt, PhD
Indiana University Medical Center

Executive Director
Mary Steele Williams, MNA, MT(ASCP)SM

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