International Trainee Travel Award

Award Amount: Up to $3,000 in travel reimbursement plus meeting registration
Deadline to Submit All Materials: TBD 2024
Notification Date: TBD 2024


The AMP International Trainee Travel Award provides travel assistance to the AMP Annual Meeting & Expo for up to three (3) selected international AMP member trainees (Residents, Fellows, and Students) residing and employed outside the United States who do not receive travel support from their institutions.

This travel award is for trainees who reside and work outside the United States is made possible by the Jeffrey A. Kant - AMP Education Fund. The fund was established to honor Jeffrey A. Kant, MD, PhD. Dr. Kant was one of AMP's founding members, its first President, the first recipient of the AMP Leadership Award, a Chair of the AMP Economic Affairs Committee and held many other leadership roles. As a mentor to many in the field of molecular diagnostics, Dr. Kant valued getting trainees into molecular diagnostics, involved in AMP, and facilitating community among AMP members. His tireless commitment to his profession and to AMP has provided a lasting legacy. The intent of this travel award is to provide the opportunity for trainees who reside and work outside the U.S. to explore and engage more in the field of molecular pathology by attending the AMP Annual Meeting & Expo.

Preference will be given to trainees who do not reside in a high-income country as listed by the World Bank Country Classifications.

Application Requirements

The Trainee Applicant must:

  • Be an AMP member residing and employed outside the United States.
  • Be currently in a clinical training program as a Fellow, Resident, or Student (MD and/or PhD).
  • Lack funding for travel and/or registration to the AMP Annual Meeting & Expo from their institution.
  • Have an accepted abstract to the AMP Annual Meeting & Expo.
  • Provide confirmation of trainee status and lack of institutional funding from the program director (See part B, below).
  • Secure any necessary travel visas and provide documentation for permission to attend the AMP Annual Meeting & Expo.
  • Agree to attend the Business/Awards Session at the Annual Meeting & Expo in order to personally accept the travel award.
  • Submit a brief report within a month of the conclusion of the Annual Meeting & Expo for publication on the AMP website summarizing his/her experiences at the AMP Annual Meeting & Expo and what he/she learned by attending. This will give favorable visibility to the award and to the value of providing molecular diagnostics training to international AMP member trainees. 

Application Process

Part A: Tasks for the Trainee Applicant to perform:

  1. Prepare support documents:
    1. Current CV or resume
    2. Statement of Interest that includes:
      1. Description of your commitment, experience, and interest in molecular diagnostics.
      2. Description of what you expect to gain from attending the AMP Annual Meeting & Expo. For example, how you believe the knowledge gained will expand your current understanding of molecular diagnostics, how it will benefit you in your current position, and/or how it will further your career.
    3. If you are an author on an abstract that is being submitted for the AMP Annual Meeting & Expo, include a copy of the abstract in either MS Word or PDF format.   Note: Authorship on an abstract submitted for the Annual Meeting & Expo is  required.
  2. Complete and submit an online application at
  3. Confirm that your program director submits the required communication indicating that neither your travel nor registration for the AMP Annual Meeting & Expo is funded by your institution (see Part B, below).

Part B: Tasks for the Trainee's Program Director to perform:

The trainee applicant's Program Director sends an email to with the following information:

  1. Applicant's Name and Trainee Status or Position
  2. Description of financial support, if any, provided by the institution:
    • Registration: full, partial (amount), or none
    • Airfare and/or ground transportation: full, partial (amount), or none
    • Hotel: full, partial (amount), or none
    • Meals: full, partial (amount), or none
  3. Program Director's name and contact information

The deadline to submit a completed application is June 30, 2023.

Preference will be given to trainees who do not reside in a high-income country as listed by the World Bank Country Classifications.

Past Recipients:

2023 Award Recipients

Lamia Sabry Aboelnasr - Egypt

Pooja Vaid - India

2022 Award Recipient

Petroula Gerasimou - Cyprus


2021 Award Recipient

Aanchal Chopra - India

Petroula Gerasimou - Cyprus

Rohan Sardana - India

2020 Award Recipient

(None due to the global COVID-19 pandemic)

2019 Award Recipient

Mamta Gurav - India (Post Meeting Report)

Elan Hahn - Canada (Post Meeting Report)

Vamshi Krishna Thamtam - India

2018 Award Recipient

Carla Godoy - Brazil (Post Meeting Report)

Pragya Gupta - India (Post Meeting Report)

Julia Thierauf - Germany (Post Meeting Report)

2017 Award Recipient

Ketevani Kankava - Georgia (Post Meeting Report)

Sushant Vinarkar - India (Post Meeting Report)

2016 Award Recipient

Rahul Katara - India (Post Meeting Report)

Shara Kamil Nizamaddin - Iraq (Post Meeting Report)

Sandeep Thapa - Nepal (Post Meeting Report)

2015 Award Recipient

Manjistha Ahooja - India (Post Meeting Report)

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