Award for Excellence in Molecular Diagnostics

The Association for Molecular Pathology (AMP) Award for Excellence in Molecular Diagnostics was created in 1998 to recognize lifetime, pioneering and special achievements by professionals in the fields of molecular biology, molecular pathology, pathology, genetics, microbiology and basic medical sciences, especially as these achievements relate to molecular diagnostics and molecular medicine. Honorees' work has provided the scientific rationale for, or led to the development of, novel technologies for molecular diagnostics. Furthermore, honorees have contributed significantly to disease and patient management through their research.

The Award is bestowed annually to a worthy recipient at the AMP Annual Meeting & Expo and is accompanied by a special lecture by the recipient. Award recipients receive an honorarium and a commemorative gift and are encouraged but not obligated to submit a manuscript for consideration for publication in the official AMP journal, The Journal of Molecular Diagnostics.

General Criteria for Candidate/Recipient Selection Process

The term "Excellence in Molecular Diagnostics" is open to interpretation. AMP is currently a relatively young society representing a relatively young field. Given this, it is appropriate to interpret "Excellence in Molecular Diagnostics" as demonstration of especially significant achievement in the area of basic or applied research related to the sciences mentioned above. Such significant achievement can be interpreted as a singular feat or more likely and arguably more appropriately, a lifetime body of work. The relationship of the work being recognized to the field of molecular diagnostics should be obvious. The investigator being recognized should have made seminal and fundamental observations, discoveries, findings, or intellectual contributions vital to the modern practice of clinical molecular diagnostics. Recipient’s AMP membership however is not a prerequisite.


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