Judging Criteria for Young Investigator Posters

The Training & Education Committee reviews and partially scores (35 out of 100 points) accepted abstracts with the criteria listed below prior to the Annual Meeting. There is no need to submit a PDF version for a pre-meeting review and scoring by the committee. Similar to all other posters, if the scientific content of the submitted abstract has been altered since its submission, the revised abstract must be included in the poster, as well as a notice stating that a revised abstract is included. The remainder of the score (65 out of 100 points) will be judged on-site at the Annual Meeting with the criteria listed below.

IMPORTANT: Award applicants must attend the AMP Business Meeting/Awards Session on Friday afternoon, or forfeit eligibility for the award. See the online Preliminary Program and the Program Book for a current meeting schedule.

Pre-meeting Evaluation of Poster (35 points)

  1. Background, Rationale and Originality (10 points)
    The work presented should constitute a new and original contribution to methods, results or general analysis of the considered scientific question. For studies that involve a methods comparison, the work should include a rigorous and thoughtful analysis of the clinical or scientific context of the technology. The scientific question(s) the investigator has addressed should be clear and the rationale for the described experimentation or analysis must be appropriately focused
  2. Experimental Design (10 points)
    Experiments should be well designed and controlled and data rigorously and appropriately analyzed.
  3. Significance of Findings (15 points)
    The described research or analysis should address a problem that is important to the field of Molecular Pathology.

Review at Annual Meeting (65 points)
The poster presentations must be well organized and the work and its conclusions presented in a clearly understandable and compelling manner. In addition, the trainee is expected to describe the research and its conclusions orally while the poster is attended.

  1. Quality of Presenter's Oral Presentation of Work (30 points)
  2. Clarity of Written Presentation (10 points)
  3. Validity of Conclusions (15 points)
  4. Format of Poster - Inclusion of Required Elements (10 points)
    Background or Introduction
    Materials & Methods
    Appropriate references and acknowledgements


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