Social Media Challenge #AMPtutorials

We are delighted to introduce #AMPtutorials, an AMP Training and Education Committee social media challenge that we believe will increase our community's educational impact! Please see the following information on how to participate and potential prizes:


  1. Develop a concise tutorial (aka “tweetorial”) on any molecular pathology topic for trainees, technologists, faculty, and/or patients.
  2. Post the tutorial on a social media platform of your choice using the #AMPtutorials
  3. Submit the URL of your post to AMP by clicking the button below: Only posts that have been submitted will be considered for the prize.

Submit URL Here!

Tutorials should:

  • Utilize the hashtag #AMPtutorials to create a unified space for educational content.
  • Be relevant to the clinical practice of molecular diagnostics.
  • Promote clinical laboratory testing of high quality.
  • Address knowledge and professional practice gaps.
  • Be evidence-based and supported by publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals.
  • Contain content free from commercial bias or marketing and present information in a fair and non-biased manner.
  • Adhere to institutional social media guidelines, avoiding patient information.
  • Include the following disclosure, “This educational resource does not constitute medical or legal advice and is not intended for use in the diagnosis or treatment of individual conditions”.

Multiple submissions are welcome!


Tutorials will be evaluated by 2 judges per submission, and will be judged based on characteristics including accuracy, educational effectiveness, number of likes, and image quality.



  • Tutorials will be evaluated on a bi-monthly basis awarded to the best post from each 2 month cycle. Awardees will receive a free registration to AMP 2024 Annual Meeting and Expo in Vancouver British Columbia!

AMP2024 Showcase:
Winning tutorials will be prominently featured at AMP2024, extending the educational reach of participants to all attendees of AMP2024. An announcement during the business meeting will highlight the achievements of participants!


Open Participation:

This challenge is open to everyone, whether you are an AMP member or not. Feel free to share this message with anyone interested in contributing to molecular pathology education. 

Winners will be posted here!

We appreciate your dedication to advancing molecular pathology education. If you have any questions or suggestions email We welcome your input. Let’s make #AMPtutorials a valuable and enduring resource for our community!

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