Corporate Advisory Council

AMP’s Corporate Advisory Council (CAC) offers the opportunity for representatives of Corporate Partner companies at the Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Levels to join AMP Leadership at a series of events (3) held throughout the year.  The goal of this program is to bring together leaders from our field in an effort to identify challenges and ignite solutions. Corporate Advisory Council Membership is limited to Corporate Partner companies.

Information on pricing and how your company can join the Corporate Advisory Council can be found, here.

Corporate Advisory Council Events 2021

Regulatory Frameworks Around the Globe: Understanding IVDR and Updates on US Laboratory Developed Testing Procedures (LDP) Oversight
Summer 2021, Virtual
CAC Members are invited to join members of AMP's Economic Affairs and Professional Relations Committees for an interactive discussion on the shifting paradigms of LDP regulation in the US and around the globe.

Understanding AMP Guideline Development: The Road to Clinical Practice Improvement
Fall, 2021

CAC Members are invited to join members of the AMP Clinical Practice Committee and Innovation & Improved Patient Care staff for a discussion on how AMP works to shephard clinical practice improvements, technological advancements, and cutting edge developments in testing into best patient care.


AMP 2022: What's New and What's Next at AMP
Fall, 2021

As you plan for 2022 we want to share what is on AMP's list of priorities in education, clinical practice, and Policy.

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