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Online Corporate Workshops (OCWs) are free for all attendees. They are a year-round extension of the popular Corporate Workshops presented each year at the AMP Annual Meeting. They are free to the public and therefore are valuable opportunities for everyone to learn to learn from industry representatives and scientific experts about the latest advances and instrumentation relevant to molecular diagnostics and research. OCWs are presented on Friday afternoons for one hour, and are conducted by commercial companies. Upcoming OCWs will be announced to AMP members on CHAMP, including registration information, as well as posted on this webpage.

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INVIVOSCRIBE - October 10, 2017

NGS Clonality Testing: Assessing Clonality Status, Somatic Hypermutation and Monitoring Minimum Residual Disease (MRD)
Presenters: Maria Arcila, MD
Moderator: Jeff Miller, PhD
Download Video (WMV, 75MB)

Philips Healthcare IT-Genomics - March 14, 2017

Challenges in Genomic Aberration Detection and Interpretation in Solid Tumors and Evidence-based Approaches for Targeted Therapy
Presenters: Nevenka Dimitrova, PhD and Sheryl Elkin, PhD
Moderator: Autri Dutta, PhD
Download Video (WMV, 58MB)

Philips Healthcare IT- October 31, 2016

Genetics in Clinical Diagnostics
Presenter: Michael Snyder, PhD
Moderator: Nevenka Dimitrova, PhD
Download Video (WMV, 50MB)
(Audio starts at 1:15)


Monitoring Deep Molecular Response: A Sensitive and Robust FDA Cleared Assay for CML
Presenters: Bernard F. Andruss, PhD and Y. Lynn Wang, MD, PhD, FCAP
Moderator: Ninad Pendsé, MBA
Download Video (WMV,  63MB)

Personalis - October 29, 2015

Comprehensive Tumor Characterization Using Augmented NGS
Presenter: Christelle Johnson, PhD
Moderator: Erin Newburn, PhD
Download Video (WMV, 32MB)

Personalis - October 16, 2015

Achieving High Diagnostic Yield for Clinically Relevant Genes: How to ‘ACE' Exome Sequencing
Presenter: Heather Wetzel, MS, LCGC
Moderator: Felicia Hawthorne, PhD
Download Video (WMV, 42MB)

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