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Did you miss your chance to view this year's 70+ Corporate Workshops?! We are excited to announce that these Corporate Workshops are now accessible to AMP members and others in the molecular diagnostics community.  Please see below for direct links to view the workshops. The workshops will be available until November 1, 2021.

Note: Please read the privacy policy and disclaimer before viewing the workshops. In order to view the workshops, you will be required to register with your contact information and agree to be contacted by the Host Company. 

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onDemand Access to the AMP 2020 Corporate Workshops

10x Genomics Presents: Bridging Digital and Molecular Pathology with Spatial Gene Expression Profiling

AccuGenomics Presents:  SNAQ-SEQ Internal QC Standards: Powerful Tools to Improve the Accuracy of NGS-based Assays
Agena Bioscience Presents: A Comparison of cfDNA Approaches to Guide Targeted Therapy in NSCLC
Agena Bioscience Presents: Responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic: Perspectives from a Clinical Laboratory Performing SARS-CoV-2 Testing
Amgen Presents: KRAS G12C – A Key Emerging Biomarker in the Pathologic Evaluation of NSCLC
ArcherDx Presents: Anchored Multiplex PCR for Molecular Residual Disease Detection in AML
ArcherDX Presents: Circulating Tumor DNA Assay For Monitoring Disease Progression

AstraZeneca Presents: Molecular Testing for Alterations in DNA Damage Repair Pathway Genes in Ovarian and Prostate Cancer: Why, Who, and How to Test

Asuragen Presents: A Fast Track for Covering your Bases:  How the AmplideX® PCR/CE CFTR Kit* Streamlines the Detection of Diverse Pathogenic Variants in Under Five Hours 
Asuragen Presents: Armored RNA® Controls and Their Utility with COVID-19 Testing and Beyond
ATCC Presents: ATCC’s and  BEI’s Efforts to Support the Scientific Community During the SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic
Bayer Presents: A non-CME Webinar Presentation on NTRK Gene Fusions in Oncology
Biocartis Presents: An Integrated Testing Algorithm: Ultra-rapid Testing with Idylla™ in Combination with NGS
Biocartis Presents: SeptiCyte® RAPID: A Host Response Test for Early Diagnosis of Sepsis and COVID-19 Triage
Bionano Genomics Presents: Next Generation Cytogenomics: High Resolution Structural Variation Detection by Optical Genome Mapping
Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. Presents: Droplet Digital PCR for Diagnosis, Monitoring and Surveillance of COVID-19
Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. Presents: Molecular Diagnostic Laboratories as High-Reliability Organizations
Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. Presents: Ultrasensitive Viral Monitoring in HPV-associated Oropharyngeal Cancers
Canexia Health Presents: Making the Case for Bringing Precision Oncology Testing In-house In Complex Healthcare Systems
Cepheid Presents: Easier and Faster BCR-ABL Monitoring with Cepheid's Xpert® BCR-ABL Ultra1  
ChromaCode Presents: Revolutionizing Multiplex Real-Time and Digital PCR through Data Science during the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond
COMBiNATi Presents: Fighting COVID-19 beyond testing – Monitor Wastewater, Quantify Viral Load and Resolve Inconclusive Clinical Samples Using the Absolute Q Digital PCR Platform  
DiaSorin Molecular Presents: Congenital CMV: Underdiagnosed and Underappreciated
Eli Lilly and Company Presents: Testing for RET: A Pathologist Perspective
Fabric Genomics Presents: The Bottom Line: Strategies for Labs to Offer Cost-Effective  Genetic Testing at Scale 
Foundation Medicine, Inc Presents: Liquid Biopsy: A Clinical Overview
GenMark Diagnostics Presents: Optimization of Syndromic Respiratory Panel Testing During a “Twin-Demic” Respiratory Season: Inclusion of SARS-CoV-2
Illumina Presents: Comprehensive Genomic Profiling from Liquid Biopsy Samples
Illumina Presents: Flexible Capabilities to Enable Comprehensive Genomic Profiling
Illumina Presents: Leveraging NGS-based Solutions for Detection of Respiratory  Virus Infections (COVID-19)
Illumina Presents: Sequencing-based Spatial Analyses
Innovation Spotlight Presented By AstraZeneca: A Multidisciplinary Team Approach to Molecular Testing in Metastatic NSCLC in the US
Innovation Spotlight Presented By New England Biolabs: Reagents and Technologies to Address Public Health & Pandemic Response
Integrated DNA Technologies Presents: A Multi-Institutional Collaborative Effort to Facilitate Development and Standardization of Clinical Research Next Generation Sequencing
Integrated DNA Technologies Presents: IDT Technology update: SARS-CoV-2 Research
Invivoscribe Presents: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other Data Science Applications in Molecular Pathology
Invivoscribe Presents: Clinical Utility of NGS in Lymphoid Malignancies Including Minimal Residual Disease (MRD) Testing
LGC Seracare Presents: Technical Challenges Advancing NGS ctDNA Testing to MRD and bTMB
Luminex Presents: Using an ARIES® Laboratory Developed Test for SARS-CoV-2 to Respond to the COVID-19 Pandemic in Louisville, KY
Meridian BioScience Inc. Presents: Challenges and Solutions for the Development of RT-qPCR Diagnostic Respiratory Assays
NanoString Technologies Presents: Insights into the Pathogenesis of COVID-19 as Revealed by Gene Expression and Spatial Biology
NanoString Technologies Presents: Nanostring GeoMx® Panels: Strategies for Clinical Validation
Oxford Gene Techology Presents: Implementing SureSeq Myeloid and CLL Panels for Comprehensive Genomic Profiling of Haematological Malignancies
Perkin Elmer Presents: Technical and Workflow Considerations for Coronavirus Detection
Personal Genome Diagnostics Presents: ? The PGDx elio™ Approach to Decentralizing Comprehensive Tumor Profiling: The First FDA-Cleared Kitted NGS Solution
PierianDx Presents: Maximizing an IVD’s Clinical Impact and Adoption
PierianDx Presents: The Clinical and Organizational Impact of Insourcing NGS Testing
Pillar Biosciences Inc. Presents: Introduction to the IVD Pillar® ONCO/Reveal™ Dx Lung and Colon Cancer Assay (CE IVD) and ONCO/Reveal HRD Panel
Promega Corporation Presents: A Novel Bioluminescent Immunoassay for Detecting SARS-CoV-2 Antibodies
Promega Corporation Presents: Extraction-Free Sample Preparation for COVID-19 Testing
Promega Corporation Presents: Introduction to Capillary Electrophoresis (CE) Applications and Promega’s New Spectrum Compact CE System
Purigen Biosystems, Inc. Presents: Turn Sample Loss Into Actionable Results – Get More FFPE Samples Into Sequencing with the Ionic® Purification System
QIAGEN Presents: Ct Value Stewardship for SARS-COV-2: Interpreting with Common Sense Is Not Necessarily Common
QIAGEN Presents: Introducing NeuMoDx Molecular, a High Throughput Automated Molecular System to Address the COVID-19 Diagnostic Challenge
QIAGEN Presents: Introducing the QIAGEN QIAreach Platform –  Your Accurate, Automated and Portable COVID Testing Solution
QIAGEN Presents: Lab Experience – Evaluation of QIAGEN’s QIAseq Multimodal Panel in Comprehensive Genomic Profiling
QIAGEN Presents: Multiplex Detection of Oncogenic Mutations Using LNA-based Assays on the QIAcuity Digital PCR System
Rheonix, Inc. Presents: Rheonix COVID-19™ MDx Assay - Enabling Fully Automated, Sample-to-Answer Molecular Testing for COVID-19
Roche Presents: Algorithms of COVID-19 Testing with Multiple Modalities
Roche Presents: More Advances in Transplant: Nothing Standard about Standardization
Roche Presents: New Automated FFPE Tissue Dissection Method for Successful NGS Downstream Applications
SOPHiA GENETICS Presents: Comprehensive Tumor Profiling Capabilities for Actionable Insights
SOPHiA GENETICS Presents: Overcoming Limitations of Assessing HRR Deficiency in Somatic Samples with NGS
STEMCELL Technologies, Inc. Presents: Increasing the Sensitivity of Cytogenetic Analysis of Hematologic Malignancies Through Cell Enrichment
Thermo Fisher Presents: Advances in NGS Automation Accelerates Time to Results for Myeloid and Comprehensive Genomic Profiling
Thermo Fisher Presents: Responding to the COVID-19 Outbreak: Global Clinical Performance and Development of the Applied Biosystems TaqPath COVID-19 Assay
Thermo Fisher Presents: Scaling COVID-19 Testing: High-Throughput, Highly Automated COVID-19 Testing with the new Thermo Fisher Scientific™ Amplitude™ Solution
Thermo Fisher Scientific Presents: Back to Work, School, and Life: Utility of COVID-19 Testing to Help Communities Restore
Thermo Fisher Scientific Presents: Case Studies in Epidemiological Research of SARS-CoV-2 Using Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS)
Thermo Fisher Scientific Presents: Critical Role of Circulating Tumor DNA Reference Materials in the Field of Liquid Biopsy
Thermo Fisher Scientific Presents: Driving Paradigm Change in Precision Medicine in NSCLC
Thermo Fisher Scientific Presents: High-throughput Methods for Extraction and Detection of Nucleic Acid: Viruses, Saliva and Beyond
Thermo Fisher Scientific Presents: The Evolving Landscape of Expanded Carrier Screening Given Increasing Ethnic Diversity and Genomic Advancements
Twist Bioscience Presents: Leading the way in NGS Sample Prep 

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