Molecular in My Pocket Guides

The AMP Training and Education Committee has produced a series of quick reference cards for trainees and anyone looking to quickly reference molecular diagnostics information.  Printed cards will be available at meetings where AMP exhibits, but the cards are available for download here:

Subdivision Molecular-in-My-Pocket™ Cards

  • Inherited Conditions Primary Authors: Kristy Crooks, Avni Santani 
  • Hematopathology Primary Authors: Mark Ewalt, Annette Kim, Jennifer Dunlap; Revisions by: Rashmi Goswami
  • Solid Tumors Primary Author: Jason Rosenbaum; Revisions by: Susan Hsiao, Lynette Sholl 
  • Infectious Diseases Primary Author: Sophie Arbefeville;  Revisions by: Preeti Pancholi

Oncology Molecular-in-My-Pocket™ Cards

Other (including Laboratory Management and Advocacy) Molecular-in-My-Pocket™ Cards

AMP Molecular-in-My-Pocket™ Cards are authored by subject matter experts on the AMP Training and Education Committee. All of the cards are reviewed annually by committee experts and, if necessary, updated with the most current information.

Use the Molecular-in-My-Pocket™ Cards

  • As a quick reference in your office or laboratory
  • To learn more about the specifics of molecular pathology research, laboratory testing, technology, and patient care
  • To study for certification or other examinations




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