AMP Case Report Submission Guidelines

General information and guidelines for case reports include:

  • The AMP Case Reports for CAP TODAY are intended to help pathologists who are not yet especially familiar with molecular pathology to understand the power and appropriate use of molecular tests. The teaching strategy will be to take them from what they do know, e.g., special stains, to new knowledge in molecular pathology.
  • A clinical case (no patient identifiers) that illustrates the important role of molecular testing to achieve an appropriate diagnosis, prognosis, role in treatment selection, etc. The case should emphasize the role of molecular diagnostics in patient care rather than the technical aspects of the test.
  • The case should not serve as a promotional piece for a specific product or brand.
  • Length: approximately 1,000 words (flexible, depending on need to communicate case)
  • Narrative format, images, tables and diagrams can be used and are encouraged – color, if available. Images should be provided in JPG or TIF format.
  • Three questions about the case with answers. The questions will appear in the article and the answers will appear on the AMP Website. These do not need to be exam-caliber questions.
  • Short list of relevant references. List should be in order of appearance, not alpha by author.
  • List of authors including degrees and title within organization.
  • Authors will have the opportunity to review and comment upon any revisions desired by the CAP Today editors.
  • The corresponding author must be a current AMP member.

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