Board of Directors


Antonia R. Sepulveda

Antonia R. Sepulveda, MD, PhD
The George Washington University Hospital 

Daniel E. Sabath

Daniel E. Sabath, MD, PhD
University of Washington Medical Center


Karen Weck

Past President and Nominating Committee Chair
Karen Weck, MD
University of North Carolina

Betsy A. Bove

Secretary-Treasurer and Finance Committee Chair 
Betsy A. Bove, PhD


Jane Gibson

Clinical Practice Committee Chair 
Jane Gibson, PhD
University of Central Florida College of Medicine

Samuel K. Caughron

Economic Affairs Committee Chair 
Samuel K. Caughron, MD
MAWD Pathology Group, PA


Rami Mahfouz

International Affairs Committee Chair
Rami Mahfouz, MD
American University of Beirut Medical Center

Shelby Melton

Membership Affairs Committee Chair
Shelby Melton, MD
VA North Texas Health Care System


Jordan Laser

Professional Relations Committee Chair 
Jordan Laser, MD
North Shore - Long Island Jewish Health System

Laura J. Tafe

Program Committee Chair 
Laura J. Tafe, MD 
Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center


Larissa V. Furtado

Publications Committee Chair 
Larissa V. Furtado, MD
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital 

Nathanael Bailey

Training & Education Committee Chair 
Nathanael Bailey, MD
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center


Avni Santani

Genetics Subdivision Chair 
Avni Santani, BS PhD
Veritas Genetics

Maria E. Arcila

Hematopathology Subdivision Chair
Maria E. Arcila, MD
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center


Donna M Wolk

Infectious Diseases Subdivision Chair
Donna M Wolk, PhD D(ABMM)
Geisinger Medical Center

Jason D. Merker

Informatics Subdivision Chair 
Jason D. Merker, MD, PhD
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill


Lawrence J. Jennings

Solid Tumors Subdivision Chair 
Lawrence J. Jennings, MD, PhD
Northwestern Memorial Hospital 


Executive Director

Mary Steele Williams

Mary Steele Williams, MNA, MT(ASCP)SM
6120 Executive Boulevard, Suite 700
Rockville, MD 20852
Tel: (301) 634-7921
Fax: (301) 634-7990

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