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Online Corporate Workshops (OCWs) are free for all attendees. They are a year-round extension of the popular Corporate Workshops presented each year at the AMP Annual Meeting. They are free to the public and therefore are valuable opportunities for everyone to learn to learn from industry representatives and scientific experts about the latest advances and instrumentation relevant to molecular diagnostics and research. OCWs are presented on weekday afternoons for one hour, and are conducted by commercial companies. Upcoming OCWs will be announced to AMP members on CHAMP, including registration information, as well as posted on this webpage.

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Workshop Hosts

AMP is excited to offer this year-round opportunity for companies to reach the world beyond the AMP Annual Meeting attendees. Online Corporate Workshops (OCWs) are just that - your company's "Corporate Workshop", online as a webinar.

OCWs are presented in the afternoons, begin on the hour and run for 60 minutes. The company decides how to utilize their 60 minute allotment (e.g., 50 minute presentation followed by a 10 minute Q&A session).

The fee for each OCW is $7,500 per 60 minute time slot.

Here's how it works:

AMP Provides...

  • Management of the Workshop including coordinating with company to rehearse, schedule, and conduct the OCW
  • Marketing of the OCW to AMP members and its extensive contact database
  • Housing of the OCW on in perpetuity (AMP checks with sponsors annually to confirm the content is still accurate and relevant)
  • A direct link to the archived OCW for use by the company
  • Management of all technical aspects of the OCW
  • A list of OCW registrants including mailing addresses (Email addresses will be provided for those who have opted in)

Company Provides...

  • OCW Title, Description, Content, and Speakers
  • Print and web-ready versions of the company logo (for marketing purposes)
  • $7,500 for AMP to host, promote, and house the OCW
  • Full rights for AMP's use and retention of the OCW
  • Communication and coordination with speakers along with a single point of contact for AMP.

Please follow these two steps to schedule your Online Corporate Workshop:

  1. Complete your Online Corporate Workshop Application Form
  2. Contact AMP regarding preferred form of payment

The completed OCW Application Form and full payment are due to AMP at least 6 weeks prior to the presentation. This allows AMP to provide early notification to our membership and promote the registration of your OCW. Upon receipt of the application form and payment, AMP will contact hosts to schedule and finalize the program.

Questions regarding the OCW program?

Terms of Use and Disclaimers

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