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AMP Archived News - 2013

AMP Releases White Paper on LDTs - Coins New Term

December 2013: the January 2014 JMD article proposes new, service-oriented terminology - Laboratory Developed Procedures (LDPs). "The new term accurately describes the integral expertise of the clinical laboratory professional," said Andrea Ferreira-Gonzalez, Chair, AMP LDT Working Group.

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AMP Submits Comments to CMS on MolDX Program

October 2013: Comments detail concerns about the Palmetto Molecular Diagnostics (MolDX) Services Program and Medicare coverage as well as their impact on Gap Fill Pricing for Molecular Pathology Procedures.

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AMP Speaks out on Reimbursement Issues

September 2013: In the past four weeks, AMP has submitted comments to the CMS and Palmetto on issues related to reimbursement and patient care. AMP will continue to advocate on behalf of its members and the field of molecular diagnostics.

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AMPlifications - View the Most Recent Issue

View the most recent edition of AMPlifications including updates on AMP's education, advocacy, and patient care-related initiatives.

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June 2013: AMP has joined the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB). "Being a member of FASEB will enable AMP's voice to be even stronger," said Jennifer L. Hunt, MD, MEd, AMP President.

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AMP v. Myriad - Decision Reached

AMP is very pleased with the Supreme Court’s decision in the case. The Court’s decision that human genes are not patentable is a great step forward for the field of molecular pathology, for genomic science, and most important for our patients. We look forward to exciting future advancements in diagnostic testing and therapeutics that will accrue to the benefit of our patients and our field.

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Link to decision from Supreme Court of the United States:

Professional Societies Delineate Concerns, Offer Recommendations Regarding Interim Pricing for Molecular Tests

May 2013: A coalition representing over 120,000 medical and laboratory professionals and institutions that perform the vast majority of clinical molecular pathology testing in the United States released a joint statement regarding new Medicare prices for those tests.
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Lung Biomarker Guideline Webcast Now Available

The guideline was developed to establish standards for testing for EGFR and ALK, helping to guide targeted therapies. Pathologists are encouraged to implement the new guideline at their institutions and into their practices to help improve the effectiveness of lung cancer treatment. More information...

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AMP Identifies Flaws in AHRQ Report on Genetic Testing

April 2013: The AMP Professional Relations Committee commented on the AHRQ draft report, "Update on Genetic Tests Currently Available for Clinical Use in Common Cancers," identifying methodologic flaws in the data gathering process that have led to gaps in the report's findings.

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Health Information Technology Reform Act Reintroduced in the House

AMP reaffirms its initial comments stating the Act will address this misalignment between the regulations and pathology practice, and AMP wholeheartedly endorses this legislation.

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Lung Biomarker Guideline Released by CAP, IASLC, & AMP

The emergence of molecular diagnostic testing in lung cancer offers new hope for patients battling the number one cancer killer in the United States and abroad. Now, for the first time after a decade of biomarker testing in lung cancer, a uniform approach for testing for the EGFR mutation and ALK rearrangement along with the availability of targeted therapies offer lung cancer patients the chance for improved quality of life and more time with their loved ones. More Information...

Download the Guideline now.

AMPlifications - March 2013 Edition

View the most recent newsletter for updates on AMP members and leader's progress in advancing AMP via education, advocacy, and more. View the newsletter.

AMP Cautions FDA on Drug Labeling

March 2013: In a letter to the FDA, Jennifer L. Hunt, AMP President warned, "When the FDA includes a brand name of a diagnostic kit on a drug label, the medical community often views this as a tacit endorsement of that one company's test."

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AMP Commends FDA on Consideration of Alternative Approval Pathways

March 2013: "AMP encourages the FDA to (also) consider how the information describing subpopulations of patients might be described in drug labels," noted Jennifer L. Hunt, AMP President in a letter to the FDA.

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AMP Case Reports in CAP Today

Multilocus Sequencing for Rapid Identification of Molds - the first AMP Case Report was publised in the February issue of CAP Today. More information...

AMP Comments to USPTO on Genetic Diagnostic Testing

January 2013: AMP's comments to USPTO reitterate concern over gene patients potentially interfering with AMP member's ability to deliver optimal care to their patients.

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