August 2016 Self-Test: AMP Case Report Article in CAP TODAY

A new case of severe hemophilia and Moyamoya (SHAM) syndrome

  1. Patients with hemophilia A have mutations in which gene?
    1. Coagulation factor II
    2. Coagulation factor VIII
    3. Coagulation factor IX
    4. None of the above
    5. Coagulation factor XII
  2. SHAM is associated with which type of genetic mutation?
    1. Single gene deletion
    2. Contiguous gene deletion
    3. Gene duplication
    4. Chromosomal translocation
  3. In addition to hemophilia and Moyamoya disease, which of the following are clinical features of SHAM syndrome?
    1. Dysmorphic facial features
    2. Cardiomyopathy
    3. Short stature
    4. All of the above

ANSWERS to Self-Test for August 2016 Case

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