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Program Committee

Daniel E Sabath, MD PhD (Chair)

University of Washington Medical Center

Committee/Subdivision Purpose and Responsibilities

Program CommiTTEE

Program Committee - Members


Daniel E Sabath, MD PhD
University of Washington Medical Center

Lynne V. Abruzzo, MD PhD
Ohio State University Medical Center

Genetics Subdivision Representative (2016-2017)
William Edward Highsmith, Jr, PhD
Mayo Clinic and Foundation

Genetics Subdivision Representative (2017-2018)
Linda Jo Bone Jeng, MD PhD
University of Maryland at Baltimore

Hematopathology Subdivision Representative (2016-2017)

Bryan L. Betz, PhD
University of Michigan

Hematopathology Subdivision Representative (2017-2018)
Eric J Duncavage, MD
Washington University

Infectious Diseases Subdivision Representative (2016-2017)
Amy L. Leber, PhD
Nationwide Children's Hospital

Infectious Diseases Subdivision Representative (2017-2018)
Belinda Yen-Lieberman, PhD
The Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Informatics Subdivision Representative (2016-2017)

Christopher D. Coldren, PhD
PathGroup, LLC

Informatics Subdivision Representative (2017-2018)
Somak Roy, MD
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Solid Tumors Subdivision Representative (2016-2017)
Alexander Craig MacKinnon, Jr, MD, PhD
Medical College of Wisconsin

Solid Tumors Subdivision Representative (2017-2018)
Lynette Marie Sholl, MD
Brigham & Women's Hospital

Technical Topics Representative (2016-2017)
Cindy A. Meadows, MB(ASCP)
ARUP Laboratories, Inc.

Technical Topics Representative (2017-2018)

Lynne Whetsell, BS
Saint Francis Hospital


Federico A. Monzon, MD
Castle Biosciences

Executive Director
Mary Steele Williams, MNA, MT(ASCP)SM