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Publications & Resources

"The Molecular Edge," AMP articles in ADVANCE for Administrators of the Laboratory

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September 2011

MDx Automation

Kerri Weinert and Carrie Cresenzi


July 2011:

Micro-satellite Instability and Cancer

Dahui Qin, MD, PhD


May 2011:
KRAS Diagnostic Testing

Rodney E. Shackelford, DO, PhD


March 2011

Molecular vs. Culture Methods

Bernadette M. Mandes Wildemore, MD


January 2011

Clinical Utility of Hepatitis Genotyping Roberta Sitnik
Cristovao Luis Pitangueira and Joao Renato Rebello Pinho


November 2010

Use for the Microscope in MDx

Suzanne K. Coberly, MD


September 2010
Molecular Testing for Brain Tumors
Dimitri (Yuri) Trembath, MD, PhD, FCAP

July 2010
Mainstream Adoption of MDx
Kerri Weinert, Carrie Cresenzi, and Andrew Demeusy


May 2010
Expanding Role of HLA Labs
Lawrence Jennings, MD, PhD


March 2010
CDx for Drug Eligibility
Federico A. Monzon, MD


January 2010
HPV Genotyping

S. Terence Dunn, PhD


November 2009 - Impact of PGx on Chemotherapy
Mary Lowery Nordberg, PhD


September 2009
Steps to Acquire MDx Equipment
Deborah A. Payne, PhD, and Shelby D. Melton, MD


July 2009
Microsatellite Instability Testing
Jennifer L. Hunt, MD


May 2009
Tissue Identity Testing
Marina N. Nikiforova, MD, and Geeta Mantha, PhD


March 2009
Competency Assessment
Jeanne Carr, PhD, BCLD


January 2009
Proper Training for Molecular Testing
Jeanne Carr, PhD


November 2008
The Impact of PGx on Warfarin Dosing
Mary Lowery Nordberg, PhD


September 2008
Validating Lab Developed Tests (Part 2)
Margaret L. Gulley, MD


July 2008
Validating Lab Developed Tests
Margaret L. Gulley, MD


May 2008
Reimbursement For Molecular Pathology Assays
Jeffrey A. Kant, MD, PhD


March 2008
Germline, Somatic Distinction
Paul G. Rothberg, PhD, and Mary Nordberg, PhD


January 2008
Information Systems for MDx Laboratories, Part 2
Alexis B, Carter, MD


November 2007
Information Systems for MDx Labs, Part 1
Alexis B. Carter, MD


September 2007
Gene Patents and Genetic Testing
Roger D. Klein, MD, JD


July 2007
Principles of Proteomics
Kojo S. J. Elenitoba-Johnson, MD,and Megan S. Lim, MD, PhD


May 2007
Molecular Diagnostics and the EMR  
Frank Kuo, MD, PhD


March 2007
MRSA Presents Roles for Molecular Diagnostics
Bobby L. Boyanton Jr., MD, and James Versalovic, MD, PhD


January 2007
The End of the Beginning
Barbara A. Zehnbauer, PhD, FACMG


November 2006
Targeted Therapy: A Revolution Dependent on Molecular Diagnostics
Janina A. Longtine, MD


September 2006
Microarrays in the Clinical Laboratory
Federico A. Monzon, MD, and Catherine I. Dumur, PhD


July 2006
Contributions of Genetic Testing in Personalized Pharmacotherapy
Gwen McMillin, PhD, and Elaine Lyon, PhD


May 2006
Real-time Nucleic Acid Testing
Gregory J. Tsongalis, PhD


March 2006
A Reasoned Approach to Preparing for Pandemic Influenza
Jan A. Nowak, MD, PhD


January 2006
10 Reasons to Avoid Molecular Diagnostics...and 10 Rebuttals
Daniel H. Farkas, PhD, HCLD