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Molecular assays in HIV-1 Dx and therapeutic monitoring


1. Some individuals with HIV infection by repeated serologic testing have extremely low (<50 copies/mL) or unquantifiable HIV RNA-1 viral loads. Reasons for this discrepancy may include all of the following EXCEPT:
  a) The patient may be an "elite controller," having a rare (<1%) phenotype that have the same viral control as patients taking ART.
  b) The patient has a new HIV-1 infection and a low viral load is expected at time of seroconversion.
  c) The patient has a HIV-1 primer site mutation. Testing by an alternative assay may lead to a detectable viral load.
  d) The patient may have an HIV-2 infection.
2. A newly diagnosed HIV-1 patient is referred to the clinical laboratory for HIV-1 viral load testing as part of his therapeutic monitoring. What viral load corresponds to suppression of viremia and successful ART therapy?
  a) 50-200 copies/mL
  b) <500 copies/mL
  c) <50 copies/mL
  d) <1,000 copies/mL
3. Nucleic acid testing for HIV-1 is useful in which of the following clinical situations?
  a) Monitoring response to ART
  b) Diagnosing a patient in the serological window period
  c) Identifying an elite controller
  d) All of the above