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Importance of screening for Lynch syndrome in patients with EC

A 48-year-old woman with endometrial cancer

1. What is the mode of inheritance for Lynch Syndrome?
  a) X-Linked b) Mitochondrial c) Autosomal Dominant d) Autosomal Recessive
2. What is the expected IHC pattern associated with a genetic defect in MSH6?
  a) MSH6(+) / MSH2 (-) b) MSH6(+) / MSH2 (+) c) MSH6 (-) / MSH2 (-) d) MSH6 (-) / MSH2 (+)
3. What is the most common cause of Microsatellite instability (MSI) in endometrial carcinoma?
  a) MLH1 Promoter methylation b) MLH1 Germline mutation c) MSH6 Germline mutation d) PMS2 Germline mutation