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Charles E Hill, MD, PhD (Chair)
Emory University School of Medicine


Committee/Subdivision Purpose and Responsibilities


nominating Committee

Nominating Committee - Members


Charles E Hill, MD, PhD (Chair)
Emory University School of Medicine

Genetics Subdivision Representative (2016-2017)
D. Brian Dawson, PhD

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center


Genetics Subdivision Representative (2017-2018)
Carolyn Sue Richards, PhD
Oregon Health & Science University


Hematopathology Subdivision Representative (2016-2017)
Dan Jones, MD PhD

The Ohio State University

Hematopathology Subdivision Representative (2017-2018)
Rachel L Sargent, MD
The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania


Infectious Diseases Subdivision Representative (2016-2017)
Janice M Matthews-Greer, PhD

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services


Infectious Diseases Subdivision Representative (2017-2018)
Jim Dunn, PhD
Texas Children's Hospital


Informatics Subdivision Representative (2016-2017)
Jorge Lemos Sepulveda, MD PhD

Columbia University Medical Center

Informatics Subdivision Representative (2017-2018)
Brian Hanson Shirts, MD, PhD
University of Washington


Solid Tumors Subdivision Representative (2016-2017)

Loren Joseph, MD

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center


Solid Tumors Subdivision Representative (2017-2018)
John Thorson, MD, PhD
University of California, San Diego



Federico A Monzon, MD

Castle Biosciences

Executive Director
Mary Steele Williams, MNA, MT(ASCP)SM