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Elaine Lyon, PhD (Chair)
ARUP Laboratories, Inc


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Committee/Subdivision Purpose and Responsibilities


nominating Committee

Nominating Committee


The AMP Nominating Committee is composed of the Past President (Chair) and two representatives from each subdivision.  The chair and subdivision representatives are primarily responsible for recruiting qualified AMP members to run for elected offices.  A ballot is compiled and made available for voting by all current Regular AMP members.  Voting for elected offices usually takes place during the month of May each year.  The Nominating Committee also suggests to the Board of Directors candidates for the AMP Award for Excellence in Molecular Diagnostics and the AMP Leadership Award.  Both awards are bestowed at the Annual Meeting.

Please consider nominating a colleague for elected office.  In addition, self-nominations are encouraged. Click here to read descriptions for all elected positions.  Interested?  Please contact the Nominating Committee.