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clinical practice committee

Clinical Practice Committee Links

NHGRI Stratergic Plan: Charting the Course of Genomic Medicine: From Base Pairs to Bedside

Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI; formerly NCCLS) Molecular Diagnostic Methods Approved and Proposed Guidelines

Genetic Testing Reference Material Coordination Program (GeT-RM)

Good Laboratory Practices for Molecular Genetic Testing for Heritable Diseases MMWR, 2009;58(No. RR-6):1-37.

Synopsis of the ASCO/CAP Task Force Guideline Recommendations for HER2 Testing
(submitted by Hadi Yaziji, MD)

Clinical Practice in the AMP Web Library (Requires Member Login)

Inspecting a Molecular Pathology Laboratory by Wayne Grody Navigating the Analyte Specific Reagents Regulations by Richard Schifreen and Gabriel Gross

Recommendations for In-house Development and Operation of Molecular Diagnostic Tests A 1999 AMP Statement (Courtesy of the American Journal of Clinical Pathology)

CP Project Archive

Laboratory Staffing and Resources - Survey Results (Feb. 2002)