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Clinical Practice Committee Working Groups
clinical practice committee

Clinical Practice Committee - Whole Genome Analysis Working Group


Chaired by Jane S. Gibson, PhD (University of Central Florida College of Medicine) , AMP's Whole Genome Analysis (WGA) Working Group was comprised of individuals representing diverse technical and clinical expertise in multiple aspects of whole genome analysis. The WGA reported through the Clinical Practice Committee and had as its charge to:

  1. Assemble and contribute guidance concepts reflect AMP's commitment to excellence in the application of Whole Genome Analysis to various fields of molecular pathology and that comprehensively address the broad spectrum of complexities associated with responsible, quality provision of these services in a clinical setting.

  2. Participate collaboratively in current conference-based discussions among various professional societies and governmental entities relating to development of standards and guidelines for implementation of this technology, and

  3. Reinforce the importance of AMP's role in the evolving international discussions relating to adoption of WGA for clinical use.

In 2014, the Board of Directors determined that the WGA had successfully moved the potentially disruptive technology of NGS into the realm of clinical practice. The functions of the WGA have been incorporated into the Clinical Practice Committe's projects and workgroups.


AMP's Approach to Supporting a Global Agenda to Embrace Personalized Genomic Medicine

In April 2014, the WGA Working Group conducted a survey assessing the reference material needs for analytical validation and alternative assessment of both AMP members and the international community. The results of these surveys can be accessed below: