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Clinical Practice Committee Working Groups
clinical practice committee

Clinical Practice Committee - Infectious Disease Working Group

Current Projects

A review of MALDI-TOF MS in the Clinical Microbiology Laboratory

This review will discuss and review the emergence of the application of MALDI-ToF Mass Spectrometry to other areas of the diagnostic process beyond routine bacterial and yeast identification and direct-from-blood culture bottle identification. Project is chaired by Dr. Christopher Doern (Virginia Commonwealth University).

Past Projects

Next Generation Sequencing for Infectious Disease Diagnosis and Management: A Report of the Association for Molecular Pathology


This review discusses the applications and challenges of using NGS for diagnosis and monitoring of infectious diseases in clinical microbiology laboratories. Project chaired by Dr. Benjamin Pinsky (Stanford). Manuscript published in November 2015 issue of JMD.


CMV Working Group

The CMV Working Group is comprised of AMP members with a uniform interest in standardizing CMV quantitation by PCR. This group was formed in the fall of 2003 under the leadership of Dr. Daynna Wolff. The current focus of the group is to work with the National Institutes of Standards and Technologies (NIST) for the formation of a standard unit for CMV PCR, to which all labs can normalize their system. For more information, contact: Kathleen Stellrecht, PhD.