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Clinical Practice Committee Working Groups
clinical practice committee

Clinical Practice Committee - Hematopathology Working Group

Current Projects

Utility of Myeloid Mutations in Diagnosis and Prognosis of MDS, non-CML MPN, and MDS/MPN


The goal of this project is to provide a comprehensive review of the literature and expert opinion on the utility of mutations in diagnosis and prognosis for the other myeloid neoplasms (MDS, non-CML MPN, and MDS/MPN).  Since many of these neoplasms are challenging to diagnosis initially, the potential for these newer mutations to aid in the establishment of an early diagnosis has far-reaching ramification within hematopathology.

The project is chaired by Dr. Jennifer Crow (Huguely Pathology Consultants).


Past projects

FISH Validation

One project highlighted by the Hematopathology subsection is validation of FISH assays. A manuscript is being prepared that provides guidelines for FISH testing for hematologic disorders. The paper outlines methods for validating probes, validating testing, results reading and interpretation. The focus of the manuscript is for pathologists without molecular/cytogenetic expertise who want to bring FISH assays into their laboratories.
Project chaired by Dr.Daynna Wolff (MUSC).

Real Time PCR for BCR/ABL Results Standardization and Reporting

Three sample exchanges for real-time PCR assessment for BCR/ABL have been performed, involving 36 labs across North America. A manuscript describing results from the sample exchanges and proposed test standardization and reporting guidelines is currently being drafted. Project chaired by Dr. Suzanne Kamel-Reid (UHN, Canada).