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Technologist Award Past Recipients

2015 Award Winners (read abstracts)
    Mary Beth Durso, MS, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

    Stephanie Puetz, MS, Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
    Mustafa Syed, MS, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York


2014 Award Winners (read abstracts)

    Veronica Ortega University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio

    Heather Steinmetz, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center

    Aaron Stence, University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics


2013 Award Winners (read abstracts)

    Roger Faubel, Ohio State University
    Maureen Harazin, NorthShore University HealthSystem
    Barbara Voss, NorthShore University HealthSystem


2012 Award Winners (read abstracts)

    Mohamed Jama, ARUP Laboratories

    Erik Samayoa, UCSF Medical Center

    Kelli Sumner, ARUP Institute For Clinical & Experimental Pathology

2011 Award Winners (read abstracts)

    Gladys Garrison, Vanderbilt University Medical Center

    Caren Gentile, University of Pennsylvania Health System

    C. J. Horton, Children's Medical Center, Dallas

2010 Award Winners (read abstracts)
     Rogan Rattray, Oregon Health & Science University
     Jonathan Schumacher, ARUP Laboratories
    Derek Vanhille, ARUP Laboratories

2009 Award Winners
(read abstracts)
Susan V. Hunter, William Beaumont Hospital
     Deborah Nielsen, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
     Kristin M. Pesavento, NorthShore University HealthSystem

2008 Award Winners (read abstracts)
     Nicola Dundas, Children's Medical Center, Dallas
     Angela Harter, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
     Mohamed Jama, ARUP Laboratories

2007 Award Winners
Shale Dames, ARUP Laboratories
     Michael Langley, University of North Carolina Medical Center
     Suzanne Paule, Evanston Northwestern Healthcare

2006 Award Winners
Todd Christensen, Sacred Heart Medical Center
     Amber McDonald, Mayo Clinic
     Suzanne Paule, Evanston Northwestern Healthcare

  2005 Award Winners

     Donna Diorio, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
     Maureen Lyons-Weiler, University of Pittsburgh
     Karen Schwartz, Quest Diagnostics Nichols Institute

  2004 Award Winners
     Tod Christiansen, Sacred Heart Medical Center
     Jennifer Prentice, University of Washington Medical Center
     Carol Shum, Stanford University Medical Center

  2003 Award Winners
     Ming Mai, ARUP Laboratories
     Maria Bettinson, ARUP Laboratories
     Russell Swanson, Mayo Clinic

  2002 Award Winners
     Maria Bettinson, ARUP Laboratories
     Robert J. Timmerman, Barnes-Jewish Hospital
     Janice Wallace, University of Massachusetts Memorial Healthcare