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AMP Jeffrey A. Kant Leadership Award Past Recipients


2016 Timothy J. O'Leary, MD, PhD, Department of Veterans Affairs (retired)
2015 Barbara A. Zehnbauer, PhD, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
2014 Elaine Lyon, PhD, ARUP Laboratories, Inc.
2013 Jan Nowak, MD, PhD, NorthShore University HealthSystem
2012 Wayne W. Grody, MD, PhD, UCLA School of Medicine
2011 Margaret Gulley, MD, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
2010 Andrea Ferreira-Gonzalez, PhD, Medical College of Virginia/Virginia Commonwealth University
2009 Debra G. B. Leonard, MD, PhD, Weill Cornell Medical College
2008 Karen L. Kaul, MD, PhD, Northwestern University Medical School
2007 Daniel H. Farkas, PhD HCLD, Center for Molecular Medicine
2006 Mark E. Sobel, MD, PhD, American Society for Investigative Pathology and constituent societies, including AMP
2005 Jeffrey A. Kant, MD, PhD, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center