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Monday, July 25, 2016

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    Technologist Travel Award

    Application Process

    The deadline to submit all materials is July 25, 2016

    Tasks for the Technologist Applicant to perform:

    1. Prepare (3) supporting documents:

    a. Current CV or resume

    b. Statement of Interest that includes:

         i.  Description of your commitment, experience, and interest in molecular diagnostics.
         ii. Description of what you expect to gain from attending the AMP Annual Meeting. For example, how you believe the knowledge gained will expand your current understanding of molecular diagnostics, how it will benefit you in their current position, and / or how it will further your career.

    c. If you are an author on an abstract that is being submitted for the annual meeting, obtain a copy of the abstract in either MS Word or PDF format.

    2. Forward all materials to via email to

    3. Make sure that your director submits the required communication that your travel and registration for the annual meeting is not funded by your institution (see below).

    Task for the Technologist's Lab Director to perform:

    Send an email to with the following information:

    • Applicant's Name and Position

    • Description and amount of financial support provided by the institution:

    • Registration: full, partial (amount), or none
    • Airfare and/or ground transportation: full, partial (amount), or none
    • Hotel: full, partial (amount), or none
    • Meals: full, partial (amount), or none

    • Include your name and contact information

    The deadline to submit all materials is Monday, July 25, 2016

    Please direct questions to