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October 2009, Volume 15, Number 3

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2009 AMP Officers and Appointees

Training and Education Committee Report

Jennifer L. Hunt, MD By Jennifer L. Hunt, MD
Chair, Training and Education Committee

This year, generous funds from AMP membership donations to the Leadership Fund were used to sponsor several awards to help fund technologists whose institutions would not pay for travel for our 2009 Annual Meeting.  The AMP Training and Education Committee thank all of the terrific and highly qualified technologists who applied for the Technologist Travel Award. The 2009 winners of this award are:  

                   Lorraine Dominguez, University of Arizona
                   Debbie Nielsen, University of Pennsylvania
                   Tong Zhang, The Ontario Cancer Institute

Congratulations from the AMP! Everyone should consider making a donation to the Leadership Fund, which can be used for valuable initiatives like the Technologist Travel Award. Please visit the website:

The T& E Committee judges the Young Investigator Awards (YIA) each year at the annual meeting.  Please be sure to visit these posters and encourage the authors.


On December 8, 2009, Tuesday, NOON EST, AMP will sponsor a webinar titled: “Update on Molecular Testing for Type 2 Diabetes Risk” presented by Alex H. Cho from the Center of Genomic Medicine, Duke University.  This webinar will be hosted by Linda Jo Bone Jeng and will review genomic and other discoveries that have led to the creation of molecular tests for Type 2 diabetes risk.  This webinar is supported by an unrestricted grant from Roche Diagnostics. To register go to the AMP website and click education. 

Molecular Case Studies
The AMP Molecular Case Study program is led by Matt Bankowski, Megan Lim, and Charles Hill.  Two new case studies have been posted at

• Fatal Case of Pertussis Isolated from Blood, recorded by Rodney Arcenas (on behalf of Carol Holland)
• Diagnostic Implications of the C-MYC Rearrangement in B- cell Lymphoma, by Megan Lim

We invite AMP members to view and contribute to this initiative.

Resident Exchange Program
Madhuri Hegde and I have surveyed the MGP program directors to determine the feasibility of an exchange program that will give fellows an added benefit by visiting other laboratories to enhance their direct exposure to laboratory management, new assays which may not be performed by their host institution, exposure to new equipment, new or alternative approaches to develop new tests and exposure to different test reporting formats.  Feedback from program directors has generally been positive.  As expected, there will be several logistical hurdles; trainees should attend the Trainee Luncheon at the Annual Meeting to hear an update.  AMP’s role in an exchange program would be to provide information regarding participating institutions to AMP member trainees.

The T&E Committee would like to thank AMP staff member Kathleen Carmody, who provides invaluable support for all of these programs.