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October 2009, Volume 15, Number 3

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2009 AMP Officers and Appointees
Publications Committee Report 
S. Terence Dunn, PhD By S. Terence Dunn, PhD
Chair, Publications Committee

This is the last report that I will be writing in the capacity of Chair of the Publications Committee. After the Annual AMP Meeting in Orlando, Ted Schutzbank will be assuming the role for a two-year term. It is hard to believe that I was beginning my term almost two years ago but the Committee has managed to achieve a lot in that time. One of the charges for this Committee is to review AMP-owned documents that arise from AMP Committees or Working Groups or articles that AMP members are invited to write for various publications, such as the “Molecular Edge” articles which appear in the bimonthly ADVANCE for Administrators of the Laboratory. Review of these articles has certainly kept us busy during these two years which is testament to the amazing productivity of the AMP membership.

The Web Editorial Board, under the leadership of Mary Lowery Nordberg, has been making significant headway with their redesign of the AMP Website; hopefully we will be seeing some of their productivity in the next few months, as they roll-out some of the formatting and content changes and improved navigation features. Part of this re-design project involves the Web Library and Test Directory and both Kathleen Murphy and Alexis Carter have been providing input to the process. I want to make a specific note that recently Alexis has been putting in many hours in overhauling the tabulated data for the Test Directory in an attempt to roll-out a more interactive format of the Test Directory; she is hopeful that this can be completed by end of 2009.

As many of you are aware, Karen Kaul will be stepping down from her position as Editor-in-Chief for JMD in January 2010, following completion of two remarkable 5-year terms. The Editor-in-Chief Search Committee recently completed its interviews of prospective candidates for the position. The successful candidate, Tim O'Leary, will be responsible for directing the editorial vision of JMD and ensuring the continued success that the journal has enjoyed over the years under Karen’s leadership. JMD will very likely reach a record number of submissions (>200) to the journal for 2009.

Another person who will be stepping-down from their role in the Publications Committee is Shuji Ogino, our esteemed CHAMP Moderator. Shuji has served almost 4 years in this capacity. Having done it myself, I know that moderation of the AMP listserv, on an almost-daily basis, represents an amazing amount of work and commitment and we are truly indebted to Shuji for his service to our organization. Our current Associate Moderator, Qiulu Pan, has agreed to take up the baton and will become CHAMP Moderator following the AMP Annual Meeting in Orlando.  The Publications Committee, in concert with the AMP Membership and Professional Development Committee, reviewed applications for the position of Associate CHAMP Moderator this past month. While the selection of one candidate from such a talented pool of applicants was a difficult task, nevertheless, we are pleased to announce that Bernadette Wildemore will be our new Associate CHAMP Moderator. Be sure to congratulate both Qiulu and Bernadette when you see them at the AMP Annual Meeting in Orlando this November.

The new electronic version of the AMP Newsletter, launched in the Spring of this year, seems to have been well received by most of the membership. Adopting the electronic version has had several benefits, as anticipated. Both trees and money (approximately $3,500 so far this year) have been saved. In addition, the whole process of compiling and formatting articles for the e-Newsletter has improved immensely. Our co-Editors, Terry Cuyegkeng Redondo and Marlene Sabbath-Solitare, are also working on some ideas for new features for the Newsletter to include periodic topical items. They certainly appreciate feedback from the membership to help improve the overall look and content.

Finally, I would just like to thank all the Publications Committee members for their collegiality and dedication to service during these past two years. And of course to Mary Williams who kept us on track in so many ways. It has been fun working with everyone and I am sure I will find other rewarding opportunities within AMP to work with you all again.