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October 2009, Volume 15, Number 3

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Infectious Diseases Subdivision Report

Frederick S. Nolte, PhD, D(ABMM), F(AAM) By Frederick S. Nolte, PhD, D(ABMM), F(AAM)
Chair, Infectious Diseases Subdivision

The Infectious Diseases portion of the Annual Meeting program is now set with selection of the abstracts for platform presentation and the addition of an Early Bird Session on “Response of Molecular Diagnostic Laboratories to Novel Influenza Virus Infections.”   In the Early Bird Session, on Sunday morning, November 22nd, Jan Nowak and Christine Ginocchio will share their experiences on how their laboratories responded to the challenges posed by the emergence of the novel H1N1 strain of influenza A virus and collaborated with Public Health Laboratories in validating assays that would specifically identify this novel strain at the local hospital level.  I hope to see many of you there. Come prepared to share your experience.  Other ID sessions at this year’s Meeting include:

Plenary Session:
Mass Spectrometry for Infectious Diseases Applications

Donna Wolk, PhD, (ABMM) University of Arizona, AZ

Charlotte Gaydos, MPH, DrPH, Johns Hopkins Univ. School of Medicine, MD

David J. Ecker, PhD, Ibis Biosciences, Inc, CA


1.     Platform Presentations of selected Infectious Diseases Abstracts

2.     New Strategies for Diagnosis and Prevention of Clostridium difficile Infections

Karen C. Carroll, MD, The Johns Hopkins Hospital, MD

Dale N. Gerding, MD, Hines Veterans Affairs Medical Center, IL

Early Bird Session:
Response of Molecular Diagnostic Laboratories to Novel Influenza A Virus Infections

Christine C. Ginocchio, PhD, North Shore-LIJ Health System Labs, NY

Jan A. Nowak, MD, PhD, Northshore University Health System, IL

Jan Nowak also commented on behalf of AMP at a recent meeting of the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Advisory Committee (CLIAC) regarding the ability of clinical laboratories to respond to public health emergencies and urged the Committee to consider local molecular diagnostic laboratories as a resource in planning for influenza pandemics. He encouraged CLIAC to recognize the quality of laboratory testing provided by molecular diagnostic laboratories during this most recent threat to the public health.

Dave Persing and I had a difficult time selecting five abstracts for platform presentation from among the 89 excellent Infectious Diseases abstracts submitted this year, but I think we chose abstracts that will have wide appeal to the membership.  The poster presentations are always a strong part of the Meeting and I am sure that they will be well attended.

I look forward to seeing you in Kissimmee and do not forget the Infectious Diseases Subdivision Business Luncheon on Saturday, November 21st.  This is your opportunity to share your ideas for next year’s program and shape the direction AMP efforts in the area of Infectious Diseases.