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May 2009, Volume 15, Number 2 

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Member Survey Report - Overview of Survey Responses
By Maricel M. Herrera, CMP, CEM
Director of Meetings and Membership Services

63% of respondents indicated that the AMP Annual Meeting is their most important professional meeting.   

Location & Timing: 72% of respondents indicated that it is Somewhat or Not important that the annual meeting be held in different areas of the country each year; 28% of respondents indicated that this is Very important.  52% of respondents are happy with the time of year that the meeting is held; 20% are not happy; 28% indicated No Opinion on this item.  Of the respondents who would like the Annual Meeting to be held at a different time of year, prefer a change because the fall has a lot of conflicting meetings and holidays or because funds are more limited in the 4th quarter.  Suggested meeting months included April, May, and August.

The Program/Schedule: 85% of the respondents indicated that the meeting has about the right concentration of sessions and events; 59% indicated that additional concurrent workshop sessions improved the 2008 meeting; a whopping 75% approved of an 8:15am start for regular sessions, giving more time to transition from early bird sessions or to catch some breakfast.  Respondents were pretty evenly split regarding a desire for evening poster hours even if this means that posters would have to be located outside of the Exhibit Hall.

Corporate Workshop Day: 45% attend Always; 30% Sometimes; 19% Never.  Of those who do attend, 46% attend 3-5 hours, 34% 6-8 hours, 20% 1-2 hours.

Exhibits: 79% of respondents indicated that they have sufficient time to tour the exhibits.

Numerous comments were provided regarding the strengths and weaknesses of the meeting, what respondents would like to see changed, what they would like to remain unchanged, costs, and location.  These comments are very important feedback and were taken into consideration in the planning of the 2009 Annual Meeting.

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