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May 2009, Volume 15, Number 2 

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Member Survey Report - Insight Into Decisions Regarding the Annual Meeting
By Maricel M. Herrera, CMP, CEM
Director of Meetings and Membership Services


Location: It is AMP’s intent to provide members the best educational value it can for their dollar while at the same time making the site as logistically friendly as it can be. The annual meeting has grown to over 1,000 attendees (not including exhibitors) and there are very few stand alone facilities which have an abundant amount of meeting space to meet our needs. Our size limits us to very large hotel/convention properties such as the Gaylord properties and convention centers. 

Hotel Property vs Convention Center
A large hotel is both logistically and financially more desirable for several reasons:

1) it allows everyone to be where the sessions are, which saves busing costs and time to/ from the session location
2) contingent on AMP selling out a required number of sleeping rooms, AMP receives complimentary meeting space
3) AMP has the ability to better negotiate other costs based on our size for one-stop shopping for food & beverage, including daily meals as part of the meeting registration fee

Convention center use is logistically and financially less desirable for the opposite reasons:

1) attendees are staying offsite and additional time/expense are likely to be necessary to get attendees to and from sessions
2)  rental fees for the meeting space we require are over $100,000
3)  little or no ability to negotiate other affiliated costs such as audiovisual fees and food and beverage as the convention center runs all its own services (and does not allow outside contractors) and does not benefit from the guest room revenue as does a hotel

Occasionally, AMP can negotiate a favorable contract for a Convention Center venue.  Indeed, we will meet in San Jose, California in 2010.

Dates the meeting is held: AMP has held its annual meeting in our traditional November pattern since its inception. The November date pattern comes from back in the days before AMP was established when the first Molecular Diagnostics workshops were held locally in the Bethesda, Maryland area. It was the attendees who were loyal followers of these fall workshops who became the first members of AMP. When in 1994 a decision was made to form AMP, it was written into our Bylaws that the annual meeting would take place each November. 

While the Administrative Office discusses with AMP Council the possibility of changing the timing of the meeting every few years, we have yet to come up with a viable alternative. AMP strives to hold the meeting at a time of the year when it does not overlap with similar meetings; however, due to the large number of other meetings our members are likely to attend, it is difficult to find a time better suited than our traditional November pattern. Please note that in 2008, we were “squeezed” into meeting over Halloween because ASHG met in November (when we would otherwise have met).

Some of the meetings our members (and exhibitors) attend are:

•  ALA - Association for Lab Automation – Lab Automation Conference - January
•  USCAP - USCAP Annual Meeting – February/March
•  AACR - AACR Annual Meeting - April
•  Experimental Biology - Joint Annual Meeting for ASIP with APS, ASBMB, ASPET, ASN, AAA) – April
•  Pan American Society for Virology – Clinical Virology Symposium – April
•  ASM - American Society for Microbiology Annual Meeting – May
•  AMA - American Medical Association Annual Meeting - June
•  AACC – American Association of Clinical Chemistry – July
•  ECP or IAP - European Congress of Pathology or International Academy of Pathology – September/October
•  CAP - College of American Pathologists Annual Meeting – September/October
•  ASCP - American Society for Clinical Pathology Annual Meeting – September/October
•  ASHG - American Society for Human Genetics – October most years, November every 4th/5th year
•  ASH – American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting - December  

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