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May 2009, Volume 15, Number 2 

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2009 AMP Officers and Appointees


Molecular Genetic Pathology Review Course Online Self-Study, will be available in July.  See for more details.

Collaboration Opportunities

The AMP website lists collaboration opportunities offered by companies. Go to “Resources – Assay Development – Collaboration Opportunities” or directly to . The same area of the website offers laboratories a place to advertise their capabilities to companies who may be seeking laboratories for opportunities such as beta-testing.

Catalogue of Mutation Database Websites, a great resource for clinical practice and research has been updated by the Clinical Practice Committee (CPC). The mutation database is available on the AMP website posted in the “Clinical Practice Committee Comments and Projects” section of the CPC webpage ( One can navigate there, > About AMP > Committees > Clinical Practice.
Please send any feedback directly to CPC Chair Iris Schrijver ( or should your favorite mutation database not yet be listed.

Trainee Listserv and Book Display 
The new junior members of the AMP's Training and Education Committee (see below) are inviting Program Directors to encourage their trainees to join AMP, subscribe to the trainee listserv and participate in this forum. They are also requesting the AMP membership who have authored/edited various molecular/genetics textbooks to contact your respective publishers to encourage the donation of a copy of these texts for the AMP Trainee Book Display at the Annual Meeting in November.
A drawing will be held at the Trainee Luncheon to give away the texts. The donated volumes themselves can be sent to:  Association for Molecular Pathology, ATTN: AMP 2009 T&E Booth, 9650 Rockville Pike, Bethesda, MD 20814-3993 (USA)

If you have any questions in this regard, please contact us:
Allison Marie Cushman-Vokoun


Ande Rumilla