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February 2009, Volume 15, Number 1                                   

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AMP Test Directory
Alexis B. Carter MD By Alexis B. Carter MD
Editor, AMP Test Directory

The most exciting development regarding the AMP Test Directory is that the overhaul of its backend structure into a more flexible and sustainable form has been approved by AMP.  This will include a complete cleanup of existing “dirty” data within the directory.  The AMP Test Directory was initially constructed to house only hematopathology, infectious disease and solid tumor tests.  With the advent of identity testing and pharmacogenomics, just to name a few, it is now clear that the back-end tables in the database will need to be revised to accommodate these and other categories of molecular testing.  The data model will be designed to easily house any new categories of testing as well.  This will require a large effort on the part of myself and the AMP Test Directory Programmer because of the need to copy, backup and then completely remap the existing data from the old tables and into the new ones.  Cleaning up any “dirty” data includes checking for and deleting duplicates, updating terminology to current standards, adding/changing/deleting categories of testing and test methods, and removing tests that do not belong.

I am interested in any feedback or suggestions regarding the data cleanup and any new functionality that you would like to see in the directory.  Incorporating PDF format test order forms and information forms into each laboratory’s test directory have been good suggestions which will be incorporated. 

In light of this budget approval, it is necessary to get the data into as pristine a form as possible.  I will be sending out a request via CHAMP for all laboratories to inspect and update their tests in the test directory to assist with this effort.  

As always, the mission of the AMP Test Directory is to provide a resource to medical personnel of molecular testing available from AMP members’ laboratories.  As the Test Directory Editor, my responsibilities include reviewing all updates to the Test Directory, regular communication with the Test Directory Programmer (Thomas Fisk) and participation in the AMP Publications Committee and now the soon to be operational AMP Web Editorial Board.  If you have any questions, ideas or concerns regarding the Test Directory, please do not hesitate to contact me or Mary Williams (