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February 2009, Volume 15, Number 1

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Solid Tumors Subdivision Report

Antonia R. Sepulveda MD, PhD Solid Tumors Subdivision Report
By Antonia R. Sepulveda MD, PhD, Chair

Molecular Pathology advances in solid tumors and Molecular Diagnostics for solid tumors continue to grow exponentially. The 2008 AMP Annual Meeting showcased a number of exciting developments in areas such as lung, brain, thyroid, kidney, gastrointestinal stromal and related tumors. We had exciting and timely topics on microRNA and epigenetic based testing.  The Solid Tumors Subdivision luncheon at the Annual Meeting was very well attended and there was enthusiastic participation of the membership, yielding a long wish list of topics for the 2009 Annual Meeting in beautiful Florida weather (we hope!). The platform presentation workshop session was very well received and looks like a keeper.

Loren Joseph (Solid Tumors Subdivision Chair-Elect) and I, working together with the Program Committee, are committed to bring another great program for the 2009 Annual Meeting. Topics and speakers are being proposed and decisions will be made by March. We look forward to another year with increasing numbers of high-level scientific abstracts. Please send us an e-mail if you have a topic or speaker for the wish list.

Nominating Committee representatives Marina Nikiforova and Deborah Dillon are currently working on recruiting candidates for the Solid Tumor Subdivision for the upcoming election. We appreciate the willingness of the AMP members to volunteer their time for serving on our committees.

Representatives to the Training and Education (T&E) Committee, Jennifer Laudadio and Liang Cheng are working with the Training and Education Committee on developing four webinars to be presented in 2009 including one focusing on solid tumors.  The subcommittee will work with the Solid Tumor Subdivision Chair and Chair-Elect to complement topics presented at the Annual Meeting and prevent overlap.  Additionally, the T&E Committee is establishing a series of case studies which will be available on the AMP website for self study.  We are aiming to have these ready to launch in 2009.

Cheers to another great year for the Solid Tumors Subdivision!