Association for Molecular Pathology


October 2011, Volume 17, Number 3


Publications Committee Report

Ted Schutzbank, PhD

By Ted Schutzbank, PhD
Chair, Publications Committee



It is hard to believe that nearly two years have passed by, and that this is my last Newsletter update as Chair of the Publications Committee. The Chair will pass to the capable hands of Stanley Cohen, who will take over at the conclusion of the 2011 AMP Annual Meeting in Dallas.

A lot has happened in the last two years, most notably the redesign and launching of the new AMP website, led by Mary Lowery Nordberg with the support of the Website Editorial Committee. Thank you once again, Mary, for all of the many hours of effort you and your team put into this project.

Calls for authors to write articles for the Molecular Edge section of ADVANCE for Administrators of the Laboratory resulted with an overwhelming response. We received enough responses to allow the scheduling of articles well into 2013. Thanks to all of you who volunteered to write these articles. The list of topics is very broad-based and should be of great interest to the Advance readership. Thanks also to those committee members who spent time reviewing the submissions prior to publication.

Sadly, I must report that this is the last issue of the AMP Newsletter in its current form. Terry Cuyegkeng Redondo and Marlene Sabbath-Solitare are stepping down after nine years of exceptional service as the Newsletter Co-editors. The thanks due to Terry and Marlene for all of their hard work and effort cannot be expressed strongly enough. That is why Terry and Marlene were chosen to be the first recipients of the AMP Meritorious Service Award, given by AMP to individuals for particularly inestimable service to the organization and its membership. Returning to the subject of the Newsletter, after much discussion the Publications Committee decided not to find a replacement for Terry and Marlene, and to discontinue the Newsletter, in its current form. There were several reasons for coming to this decision, but the driving impetus behind it is that AMP will soon be launching a new way for members to interact that will be called CHAMP 2.0. CHAMP will expand significantly to become an online professional networking community. AMP Members will continue to receive e-mails regarding the topics and groups they choose to join. Members will also be able login at anytime to participate in the enhanced collaboration opportunities CHAMP 2.0 will offer such as discussion threads, eGroups, announcements, resources and easy access to ongoing member-generated conversations about molecular pathology topics. Stay tuned to CHAMP announcements as CHAMP 2.0 is launched. In advance of the implementation of CHAMP 2.0, the Publications Committee has started discussing what the role of the Committee will be in the future, and how it will best serve the organization regarding oversight of communications. It is expected that the end result could be a significant change to the current structure and function of the Publications Committee.

As Chair of the Publications Committee it has been my pleasure and great privilege to have worked with such an excellent group of Committee members. Mary Lowery Nordberg, Terry Redondo and Marlene Sabbath-Solitare, and their respective contributions, have already been mentioned. Qiulu Pan and Bernadette Wildemore will be continuing as the CHAMP moderator and associate moderator respectively. They both do a great job of screening e-mails, and saving us all from potential embarrassment when we hit the reply button to answer back to a submitting author, forgetting that the response will go out to the entire membership. Alexis Carter is continuing the challenging task of updating the Test Directory. And lastly, Tim O'Leary, JMD Editor-in-Chief, can always be depended upon for his erudition and insight into just about any discussion topic.

I would be terribly remiss if I also failed to acknowledge the extraordinary amount of help and support I, and the other Committee members received from the AMP professional staff, Mary Williams, Kathleen Carmody, and most recently Catherine Davidge. I cannot thank them enough for everything they have done to make the workings of the Publications Committee run smoothly.

It has been an enjoyable and rewarding two years. I appreciate the chance to having been able to serve as Chair of the Publications Committee, and look forward to finding other equally fun opportunities to serve the Association in the future.