Association for Molecular Pathology


October 2011, Volume 17, Number 3


Program Committee Report

Jennifer L. Hunt, M.D.

By Jennifer L. Hunt, M.D.
Chair, Program Committee



The Program Committee is eagerly preparing the final details for this year’s Annual Meeting in Grapevine Texas. If you have not seen the meeting schedule yet, make sure to take a look before you arrive. We think this year promises to be among the best meetings AMP has had, not only because the field of Molecular Diagnostics has expanded so dramatically, but also because the topics cover a wide spectrum of scientific and practice related subjects. Your Program Committee has worked very hard to line up speakers who are exceptional. Our invited guest speakers and devoted AMP member speakers are sure to provide you with stimulating, state-of-the-art, and cutting-edge education. The Program Committee take this opportunity to thank the speakers, in advance, for their contribution to a Meeting that will touch on pearls and information to intrigue every AMP member and guest.

We know that the AMP Annual Meeting has traditionally been the best educational and scientific meeting of the year for many attendees. But watch for some changes, which we think will make this year’s meeting even more enjoyable. First, you will notice a different format. There are several types of sessions. The Plenary Sessions remain one of the pillars of the Meeting, representing sessions where all attendees can gather to hear topics that appeal broadly to our membership. Symposia are brand new sessions that will run with two concurrent sessions. These will touch on somewhat more sub-specialized topics, but still with wide-reaching concepts. Workshops are held with up to four concurrent sessions and will be more focused specialty topics, with opportunities for discussion and interaction. Finally, our famous Early Bird Sessions provide you with an opportunity to hear short, targeted discussions on practical issues and topics in molecular pathology. The second big change will be in the lunch sessions. Last year our Subdivision lunches outgrew capacity for room seating and we know you did not like the necessary ticket arrangement. This year, the Program Committee thought creatively how to host lunches in a different way. We will have general luncheon seating where you can network, meet friends, and enjoy some down time. You may also want to take part in some of the other lunch opportunities: an all-Subdivision open forum and update on AMP activities; town hall meetings with your AMP leadership to review and discuss the Strategic Plan; and, informal member-led lunch time “table talk” discussions” where you can discuss specific issues in molecular diagnostics. We hope you will enjoy these many different opportunities for networking, meeting old friends, hearing from your elected AMP officials, and for scientific discussion. Lastly, do not forget about the popular social event, which boasts good food and drink, wonderful conversation with friends, and entertainment that you should not miss. Tickets for this sell-out event must be purchased in advance, so do not delay.

I would like to also take the opportunity, on behalf of the 2011 Program Committee, to thank the AMP staff who worked tirelessly to bring us this year’s Annual Meeting: Mary Williams, Tara Snethen, Sarah Hamilton, Catherine Davidge, Lisa McFadden and Ann Marie Bocus. From creative scheduling to perfect organization to great suggestions and insights, and generally keeping us on track, you have been amazing!! The Program Committee truly appreciates the hard work you put in to make our Annual Meeting come to life.

We look forward to seeing all of you at the 2011 Annual Meeting!