Association for Molecular Pathology


October 2011, Volume 17, Number 3


Nominating Committee Report

Karen Mann, MD

By Karen Mann, MD
Chair, Nominating Committee



As this is my final Newsletter article as Chair of Nominating Committee, I would like to start by thanking all of the Committee members who have made the Nominating Committee successful and enjoyable. These include the following representatives: Thomas J Monroe and Qiulu Pan (Genetics); Domnita Crisan and Rita M Braziel (Hematopathology); Preeti Pancholi and Robyn Temple-Smolkin (Infectious Diseases); and Catherine Dumur and Antonia R Sepulveda (Solid Tumor). The Committee could not have gotten its work done so effectively without the strong support from Mary Williams and Kathleen Carmody from the home office. In addition I would like to acknowledge all AMP members who nominated candidates for any of the available positions.

This has been a busy year. We filled the election ballot with an outstanding group of candidates for your choice, chose a candidate for the AMP Leadership Award, and chose two candidates for the AMP Award for Excellence (all with Council approval). In addition, with the help of the Membership and Professional Relations Committee and the approval of Council we have instituted a brand-new AMP award called the AMP Meritorious Service Award and have named our first two awardees (see separate article: AMP Meritorious Service Award Recipients on the front page of the Newsletter).

AMP Meritorious Service Award

The AMP Meritorious Service Award recognizes an AMP member for particularly estimable service to the organization. The Recipient has demonstrated exceptional dedication and effort, over time and often behind-the-scenes, to provide exceptional service to AMP and its membership. In addition, the Recipient generally also provides especially notable service to the molecular pathology profession.

The Meritorious Service Award is distinct from the AMP Leadership Award in that service is an opportunity available to AMP members at any stage of their career and is often out of the spotlight afforded those in leadership positions. The award is not necessarily given annually but only when it is determined that service exists that warrants this special recognition. More than one recipient may be acknowledged if warranted.

The Recipient must have been an AMP member in good standing for at least the previous 5 years. The service being recognized is ongoing or is recently concluded.

Nominations will be solicited mid-year from the AMP Committees and the membership. Recommendations are made by the Nominating Committee for Council affirmation.

There is no annual deadline; awards may be selected and awarded at any time of the year. However, there is a selection deadline of 90 days prior to the Annual Meeting to acknowledge a recipient in the Program Book for that meeting. Recipients selected less than 90 days prior to an Annual Meeting may either not be listed in the Program Book or acknowledgment will be held until the next year.

The recipients will be recognized at the AMP Annual Meeting. Depending on the nature of the awardee's contributions, other venues such as The Journal of Molecular Diagnostics (JMD) may be utilized. Each recipient will receive a certificate of appreciation and a congratulatory letter. Recipients will also be acknowledged on the AMP website.

Selection Process
Selection of recipients will be based on the Nominating Committee assessment of:

  • AMP membership status
  • Nomination letter(s)
  • Service to AMP that is consistent with the description and purpose of the Award