Association for Molecular Pathology


October 2011, Volume 17, Number 3


A New Strategic Plan and a New Staff Team (Almost)

Mary Steele Williams, MNA, MT(ASCP)SM

By Mary Steele Williams, MNA, MT(ASCP)SM
Executive Director



In early 2011, AMP Council approved a new Strategic Plan that includes five Strategic Goals (alpha order):

Advocacy: To be the identifiable and creditable professional organization on all matters concerning molecular diagnostics; to influence relevant policy, especially regulatory and reimbursement, in public and private arenas.

Education: To influence behavior based on the best science; to be the educator of choice in molecular pathology.

Governance: Decision-making that is informed and strategic.

Innovation & Improved Patient Care: To foster innovation to improve patient care and patient outcomes.

Management: Efficient and effective implementation of strategic objectives and administration of the business aspects of the Association.

At the same time, Council appointed a Strategic Planning Implementation Committee to help design an implementation plan. The members of this Committee are Karen Mann (Chair), Ken Bahk, Jennifer Hunt, Iris Schrijver, and Ted Schutzbank. These AMP leaders have been hard at work at this effort for months, despite very busy professional and other AMP volunteer responsibilities. On Friday, November 18, there will be an “Update from Council: AMP’s Future” luncheon at the annual meeting so this team, along with AMP President Timothy O’Leary, can share the exciting initiatives that will be driven by the new Strategic Plan. We encourage all AMP members to attend. There is no other luncheon on Friday except the General Lunch.

Also, in early 2011, AMP Executive Officer Mark Sobel, announced that he would step down as AMP’s part-time Executive Officer. AMP’s tremendous growth in membership and the expanding needs of the molecular pathology profession require the attention of a full-time Executive. In addition, his decision allows him to focus his attentions on his many other responsibilities as the Executive Officer of the American Society for Investigative Pathology (ASIP), which provides management services to AMP, the other organizations managed by ASIP, the journals, and other professional activities. In recognition of his continued role as Advisor, work with JMD, and sometime representative for AMP, Council appointed Mark to the position of Executive Officer Emeritus. We will have an opportunity at the Annual Meeting in Texas to express our gratitude to Mark for 10 years of service to AMP as Executive Officer. In addition, and especially if you cannot attend the Annual Meeting this year, I encourage you to send a personal note to him at

Last Spring, Council charged the Professional Services Oversight Committee (Tim O’Leary - President, Karen Mann, Iris Schrijver, Jennifer Hunt) with conducting a search for a full time Executive Officer / Executive Director. I was appointed to take the baton of executive staff leadership, effective July 1. After managing the daily and committee operations at AMP since 2006, it is both humbling and gratifying to take this new role.

Since July, we have added new staff and have an (almost) all-new staff team! AMP continues to be managed by ASIP. This provides terrific economies of scale. Catherine Davidge, Kathleen Carmody, Mel Limson, TaNika Switzer, and I are dedicated full time to AMP. The remaining staff, as well as several not listed, split their time between AMP, ASIP, and the other organizations also managed by ASIP.

Ann Marie Bocus, Membership Services Manager, is a familiar face behind the Annual Meeting Registration desk and voice when you call the AMP main phone number, (301) 634-7939.

Kathleen Carmody, Project Manager, has been responsible for the webinar program since it began. She also manages the awards process, CHAMP 2.0, and many other projects. Her Committee support responsibilities include Council and its subcommittees, and the Training & Education Committee.

Catherine Davidge, Marketing, Development & Exhibits Manager, leads our corporate development, marketing, and communications programs, and supports the Publications Committee.

James Douglas, ASIP Chief Financial Officer, will continue to be responsible for AMP’s accounting and finance activities.

Sara Hamilton, Meetings Manager, manages all of the millions of details associated with AMP meetings, including the Annual Meeting, and supports the Program Committees.

Melvin (Mel) Limson, PhD, Director of Scientific Programs, will be the staff lead on the activities associated with the Education and Innovation & Improved Patient Care Strategic Goals and will support the Clinical Practice Committee.

Lisa McFadden, Education & Database Services Manager, manages the Continuing Education program (CME and PACE), the logistics of AMP’s courses, and keeps the complex Association Management System humming.

Laurie Menser, ASIP Director of Marketing, Graphics & Web Services, continues to manage AMP’s graphics and web design services as well as the many Lyris listservs.

Mark Sobel, Executive Officer Emeritus, continues his role with The Journal of Molecular Diagnostics, including the JMD CME program. As Executive Officer of ASIP, he has the overall responsibility for the ASIP office, where AMP resides, and for the services ASIP provides to AMP.

TaNika Switzer, Project Coordinator, supports the Membership & Professional Development and Nominating Committees, as well as the Executive Director, and will coordinate many projects, including website updates.

Mary Williams, Executive Director. In addition to being the staff Chief Executive and responsible for the Management Strategic Goal, I will remain the staff lead for AMP’s public policy initiatives with the Economic Affairs and Professional Relations Committees.

We welcome your input and feedback as we move forward in AMP’s future, which promises to be ever bright!