Association for Molecular Pathology


October 2010, Volume 16, Number 3


Nominating Committee Report

Jan A. Nowak, PhD, MD

By Jan A. Nowak, PhD, MD
Chair, Nominating Committee


Thanks to the 2010 Nominating Committee for their diligent work in assembling this year's slate of candidates: Min Fang and Tom Monroe (Genetics Subdivision), John Longshore and Domnita Crisan (Hematopathology Subdivision), Jeanne Carr and Preeti Pancholi (Infectious Diseases Subdivision) and Deborah Dillon and Catherine Dumur (Solid Tumors Subdivision).

The newly elected AMP officers for 2011 are:

President-Elect: Iris Schrijver
Program Committee Chair-Elect: Daniel Farkas
Clinical Practice Committee Chair: Janina Longtime
Professional Relations Committee Chair: Roger Klein
Technical Topics Representative to Program Committee: Leonard M. Holtegaard

Genetics Subdivision
Chair-Elect: Ira Lubin
Clinical Practice Committee Representative: Siby Sebastion
Nominating Committee Representative: Qiulu Pan
Training & Education Committee Representative: Amrik Sahota

Hematopathology Subdivision
Chair-Elect: James R. Cook
Clinical Practice Committee Representative: Cyrus V. Hedvat
Nominating Committee Representative: Rita M. Braziel
Training & Education Committee Representative: Sara Taylor

Infectious Diseases Subdivision
Chair-Elect: Lance R. Peterson
Clinical Practice Committee Representative: Kathleen T. Montone
Nominating Committee Representative: Robyn Temple-Smolkin
Training & Education Committee Representative: Melinda Poulter

Solid Tumors Subdivision
Chair-Elect: Federico Monzon
Clinical Practice Committee Representative: Loren Joseph
Nominating Committee Representative: Antonia R. Sepulveda
Training & Education Committee Representative: Kathy A. Mangold