Association for Molecular Pathology


October 2010, Volume 16, Number 3


Hematopathology Subdivision Report

Timothy Greiner

By Timothy Greiner
Chair, Hematopathology Subdivision


I would like to update you on the plans for the Hematopathology Workshops at our upcoming meeting in San Jose. Dan Sabath has collected 65 samples for the JAK2/MPL testing exchange and they have been shipped to the participants. The results were to be sent back to him by the end of September so that they can be tabulated in time for the AMP Annual Meeting. We have placed an e-mail call for cases of BIOMED-2 IGH and IGk that are difficult to interpret. Dr. Patricia Groenen will be speaking on these assays and will discuss cases that are submitted by members. Please send case examples as soon as possible to Charles Hill at Emory;

For the Hematopathology abstract presentation session we will have an eclectic mix of topics including JAK2 Exon 12 mutations, microarray based methodology for detecting translocations, mass spectrometry for mutation detection, usage of a ligation loop assay for translocation analysis and identification of methylation by pyrosequencing.

In the Plenary Session Charles Mullighan will speak on "Copy Number Variations and Mutations in Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia." Elaine Mardis is the co-director of The Genome Center at Washington University of Medicine will speak about "Sequencing the Genome of a Patient with Acute Myeloid Leukemia." Both speakers have had some of their recent work published in Nature and the New England Journal of Medicine; therefore, this should be an interesting session on the applications of whole genome analysis to leukemias.

If there are topics that you are interested in having as a webinar you can contact one of the representatives of the Hematopathology Subdivision or a member of the Training and Education Committee, which organizes the webinars.

See you in San Jose in November!