Association for Molecular Pathology


October 2010, Volume 16, Number 3


Genetics Subdivision Report

Arlene M. Buller-Burckle, PhD

By Arlene M. Buller-Burckle, PhD
Chair, Genetics Subdivision


Greetings! Fall is right around the corner which means that the 2010 AMP Annual Meeting at the San Jose Convention Center is coming up fast. I have truly enjoyed working with the 2010 Program Committee to assemble an exciting program for our AMP members. The Genetics Subdivision co-chair, Brian Dawson, and I are especially happy to have such a distinguished group of speakers to address topics in genetics.

Plenary Session:
This year's Plenary Session on Friday morning is divided between two renowned leaders in cardiovascular genetics, Dr. Jon Seidman and Dr. Elizabeth McNally. Dr. Seidman of Harvard Medical School will discuss his research into the genetic causes of cardiomyopathy. A more clinically-focused view of cardiovascular genetics will be presented by Dr. McNally, who directs the Cardiovascular Genetics Clinic at the University of Chicago.

Based on interest by fellow AMP members to be updated on the status of pharmacogenetic (Pgx) testing, we are excited to present a panel of experts in the field. Following the Plenary Session Friday morning, the Workshop will be focused on relevant areas of Pgx testing such as regulatory, clinical and practical applications. Our panel is comprised of Dr. Brian Dechairo from Medco; Dr. Matthew Goetz and Dr. Dennis O'Kane both from the Mayo Clinic.

After a genetics-packed morning session, please join us for the ever-popular Puzzlers by Prior. This session consists of interesting and challenging inherited disorder or cancer genetic cases, solved or unsolved, provided by the AMP membership. Please submit your interesting genetic case to Tom Prior ( This is our chance to do some genetic detective work and learn along the way!

Following in one of the Meeting's newest traditions, please join us Thursday afternoon as several of the Genetics poster presentations are brought to life by their authors. The abstracts were chosen based on their relevance to the field and quality of the science involved. Please join us as we support our abstract presenters!

Early Bird Session:
Do not miss the Genetics Early Bird Session on Thursday morning. We are very pleased to have Dr. Maria New, a world-renowned expert in congenital adrenal hyperplasia, at the Genetics Early Bird Session. After 50 years at Cornell, Dr. New and her team moved to Mount Sinai in 2004, where the research in steroid disorders including clinical, hormonal and molecular studies has prospered. Research interests include but are not limited to 21-hydroxylase deficiency emphasizing genotype/phenotype correlation and prenatal diagnosis and treatment.

Genetics Luncheon:
To follow in the Genetics theme for Friday, join us at the Genetics Subdivision Luncheon. As our Subdivision's business meeting, we will be introducing the incoming elected Chair and Representatives, as well as soliciting topics for the 2011 Meeting. We will hear updates from our distinguished Genetics Representatives for the Clinical Practice, Nominating, and Training & Education Committees. Come to greet the incoming Representatives and learn the important work our current Representatives have been doing for the Genetics Subdivision in 2010.

We hope you enjoy this year's comprehensive Genetics program full of insightful topics. See you in San Jose!