Association for Molecular Pathology


June 2011, Volume 17, Number 2


Training and Education Committee Report

Karen Weck, MD

By Karen Weck, MD
Chair, Training and Education Committee

The major activities of the AMP Training and Education Committee (T&E) in the past several months have been organization of the online Webinars and of the Molecular Pathology Outreach Course held in conjunction with our Annual Meeting. Recent and upcoming webinars are highlighted below. I extend a special thanks to Kathleen Carmody of the AMP office for all of her work to make the webinar series a success.

In January, Niaz Banaei of Stanford University presented a webinar on Rapid Detection and Identification of Mycobacteria with real-time PCR, hosted by T&E committee member Janice Matthews Greer. On April 27, Benjamin Pinsky from Stanford University presented a webinar on Molecular Testing for BK Polyomavirus-Associated Nephropathy, which was hosted by Melinda Poulter and supported by an unrestricted educational grant from EraGen Biosciences. Past webinars can be viewed by AMP members by accessing the AMP Web Library.

In addition, AMP co-sponsored two educational webinars organized by Asuragen, Inc. on BCR-ABL Testing and International Scale Standardization. On March 31, the first webinar of this series was presented by Rick Press of Oregon Health Sciences University. A second webinar was given on May 5 by Michael Deininger from Huntsman Cancer Institute, entitled “BCR-ABL Quantitation - IS Standardization to monitor patients on TKI therapy.” This webinar series is archived on the website

Other webinars include SNP Genotyping Applications for GWAS Studies presented by Andrew Brooks of Rutgers University and hosted by Amrik Sahota and Lynne Abruzzo from MD Anderson Cancer Center will speak on Prognostic Factors in CLL, hosted by Lynn Wang. Admission for all webinars is free and registration instructions will be posted on CHAMP and on the AMP website under the Education tab.

For the past several years, the T&E Committee has organized a Molecular Pathology Outreach Course held in conjunction with our Annual Meeting. This year the outreach course “Current Concepts in Molecular Pathology: Clinical Applications and Case Studies” will be held on Wednesday, November 16, 2011, in Grapevine, TX prior to the Annual Meeting. The course is geared toward pathologists, laboratory directors and technologists who have little experience with molecular diagnostic testing, is co-sponsored by the College of American Pathologists, and supported by an unrestricted educational grant from Nanosphere. If you know of people who may be interested in this event, please let them know about it. Registration is separate from registration for the Annual Meeting.